I thought long and hard about this installment of G.O.A.T.’s. I decided to go with a topic I know well…music. Now, I don’t play an instrument, or have formal music training…..but I can play a jukebox like nobody’s business! What I can tell you is that Marvin Gaye’s 1978 release, “Here, My Dear”… one of […]

  With the musical event we just had 2 days ago with D’Angelo the question I have for you Mogul is, are albums still important? If I would have asked this question a week ago I would have expected many people to have responded with a resounding no. But after seeing the buzz that D’Angelo […]

  This is perfect for those old albums you have sitting around the house waiting to be played. Color: Black Material: Aluminum Platter Height: 4.25″ Width: 19.5″ Depth: 14.25″ Weight: 7 lbs. Record Playback: 7″, 10″ and 12″ Record Playback Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM Records USB Enabled for connection to Windows Equipped PC and […]

Moguls & She-Moguls…this is what technology is good for! I like this product so much…I made Santa give it to me for being so good all year long. After all…Mogul-ing is hard work. You see, my taste is a little on the nostalgic side. Nostalgic to the tune of more vinyl records than I can count. […]

Get More: Music News     Lil Wayne apparantly has plans to release I’m Not A Human II, and Rebirth II!! Damn must we sit thru some more hot garbage?? Maybe he should hold up until he can smoke a fat one again.

   Eminem’s latest effort “Recovery” has continued to stay at the top the charts at No. 1 with 187,200 sold copies. According to Nielson SoundScan, the rapper’s latest solo effort has sold 1,669,600 units after five weeks on the charts. Def Jam heavyweight Rick Ross’s Teflon Don opened up this week at No. 2. Making his first non-number one solo […]

Building a great music collection can be hard work.  As media changes, so does your collection.  every once in a while a “previously unreleased” piece will show up on a random compilation…used as bait to get you to purchase 15 tracks you already have.  Despite the capitalistic nature of  the way compilations are produced and […]

I know…I’ve heard it quite a bit lately…where the hell is UML’s furry little resident Jewel Dropper?  I’ve been inundated with snide remarks, accusations of laziness and “not so funny” Goat innuendo.  One Mogul even told me they stopped checkin’ the blog after the G.O.A.T. went missing for a few weeks…even Danny P. threw a couple of […]

One of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known stated during a sit in on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” this morning that he was currently working on a new project. The project,  titled “Gospel Inspired By Lula”, is inspired by his mother. Still in the developmental stage, Stevie said that his mother, Lula, […]

Okay….if you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, then you’re probably tired of hearing this. But let’s face it, good music does not always get it’s time to shine. Some artists stay under the radar for years, and I don’t wanna see that happen here. This young lady dropped her debut album in 2006, “For […]

*G.O.A.T.’s Lists* UML will soon be graced by a new Daily Feature.  Each day will bring a new post that highlights some of the Greatests Of All Time! We will cover everything that could possibly interest any UM in good standing…… Albums Songs Videos Movies Bodies Faces Performances Ideas Books Aromas Tastes Drinks Eats Well…..I’m […]

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