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Real talk Moguls, this new R. Kelly album will change your life!! Yo boy Kellz put it down in such a way that it leaves no doubt that he put the R in R&B! (Okay I’m tripping,, but there is still no denying his importance to the genre the last twenty years!) Mr. Robert Kelly […]

Damn Kanye, you have done it again! When all of the Taylor Swift lovers were running to spit on your grave, you fucked around and dropped a classic! I guess pain really does bring out the best in an artist. That year or so of exile, was just what the doctor ordered. My Beautiful Dark […]

Outside of the fact that the cover looks like a Black Sgt. Pepper cover or a “I wish I was Dangerous instead”, the cover is riddled with hidden symbols. In one of the bubbles floating in the background you can clearly see the symbol Prince used when he was in his “The Artist” stage. Interesting. On […]

Here is the artwork for CuDi’s new album Man On The Moon II. What you think Moguls? We likes it this way.

  How many of you are waiting for this album??

Looks like just in time for the holiday season we have the Jay-Z The Hits Collection v.1. The album will be dropping November 22nd, and will also be available in a deluxe edition. The deluxe version will feature 5 unreleased songs for your listening pleasure.

We are looking forward to this release when it drops Nov. 9th.

Maroon 5‘s front man in chill mode…

Cleveland’s Reigning Queen of Indie Soul Conya Doss received rave reviews worldwide for her debut albums while gracing the covers of local Cleveland publications and collaborating with Dwele in McDonald’s nationwide soulful McCafe commercial, now the Ohio based school teacher turned charismatic songbird whose garnered accolades from BET J, Soultracks, iTunes and Ohio Hip Hop Awards […]

Looks like this 4th quarter will be as busy as usual as many big name artist plan on dropping disc. This holiday season we should all have enough new music to stuff stockings for all of the good ones on our list. Rihanna will release her new album  on November 16th. Are we ready for […]

Fans of the singer Kem have are more than likely bobbing their heads to his new joint and waiting to catch him on the closest tour date!  I can’t blame you.  I got a sneak peek of the new CD, Intimacy, from well before it came out, and I can tell you it’s on par […]

Are we still checking for Ne-Yo??

Korey Bowie is the truth!  There’s no other way to say it.  In coming days UML will give you some in-depth looks at this phenomenal artist and his work.  In the mean time…here’s a preview…get familiar…

This could be major if it falls through. Not sure what “bout to” means though. Can it mean in the next few hours, days, or weeks? Or does he mean they are “bout to” step into the studio and get to recording? Hopefully West means the former. I would like to see a quickstrike (shoe […]

A fresh-faced beauty to brighten your day… For those of you that don’t know…her voice is as beautiful as her face.  Click the image for a few samples of her latest work. Enjoy

This is good news to me. I played the hell out of their last album Leave It All Behind. In fact, it is one of the great albums in my collection of music. So it goes without saying that I am looking forward to the new Phonte & Nicolay album Authenticity. Let’s hope they get […]

Check out the promo pics from Ciara’s upcoming album…Basic Instinct:

Bun B got 5 of them thangs for Trill OG. Toss his album in the pot with Quest, Nas, Jay-Z and er….. Lil Kim. The upcoming issue of The Source reviews albums from a list of Hip-Hop heavy hitters who each has recently released a stunning well-crafted body of work that has shaped the year’s […]

Nicki Minaj finally revealed the name of her album upcoming album dropping November 23; Pink Friday. Can she move 1 million in a week? Or will it be more like 250,000? What you think Moguls?

An all-new Michael Jackson collection featuring 10 unreleased songs will be released this November, a rep for the Jackson estate exclusively tells Rolling Stone. At the time of his death Jackson reportedly left hard drives filled with unheard music, much of it recorded during the King of Pop’s ’80s peak. Jackson’s manager Frank DiLeo told […]

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