We have a long list of posthumous releases from record companies looking to line their pockets one mo’ gin. We have seen Lennon, Biggie, Tupac, Hendrix, albums among many others.  Now we can add Michael Jackson to that collection. Sony got their paws on some previously unreleased material and decided to drop it just in […]

Ummm….I’m not quite sure what to say about this….other than it’s silly as hell!  It’s a star-studded SNL tribute to the happy feeling that comes after gettin’ your successful ‘Freak On‘ 😉 However you feel it about it…it has gone viral…3 & 1/2 Million hits since Dec. 18th… Sooo…if you need a chuckle…or just had […]

Just look over your shoulder honey…. 😉

We don’t know about this one Moguls. A Michael Jackson album with Akon is not what the fans ordered. Maybe the 50 cameo is justified because Mike did tracks with Biggie and Jay-Z. But something deep down in my penny loafers is telling me that this album will sound about as good as the Biggie […]

Nas – Life We Chose Fat Boys – Don’t You Dog Me Styles P x Akon – My Life

We don’t know exactly what a Konvict would smell like. But I am sure if you asked a few, they would tell you that they don’t wanna smell that way if they could do it over again. Nevertheless, Akon is dropping some smell goods for the masses. Grab you one Moguls!!!

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