About a week or so ago I posted about the dumb shit rappers have said, and it got lots of hits. Thanks Moguls. But this week I will touch on things I have learned from hip hop music. As we know everything isn’t all ignorant when it comes to rap music, if it was we […]

As we get older, hopefully our dress code turns into some mature steez. However as I look around, boys seem to be getting older and older. Old young acting dudes are walking around with their azz hanging out, not to mention wearing pants so tight that you can see their pulse. So what can a Mogul do […]

Maintaining a relationship is hard as hell Moguls, ain’t it? The easy part is usually the chase. Getting the apple of your eye to want to date you exclusively is a walk in the park compared to keeping them under your wings. There is no set way to keep a man or woman happy, each […]

I’m not sure how much you Mogul’s really understand about this whole Tax Cut/Fiscal Cliff business. I know you tend to stay up on your game, but let’s be honest, some things don’t truly sink in until they take effect. My advice…is to learn what you can, find a trusted tax professional, and discuss your […]

I am a sucker for a beautiful lady. Ever since I was a young lad, I had a thing for beautiful ladies. Wether it was the girl down the street or pretty pig tailed girl sitting behind me in class, if she was good looking she had my undivided attention. Some dudes with low self […]

How much Baggage is enough? It’s interesting when you first meet a young lady and the spirits are pouring, sparks flying high, and just good old fashion fun. After a while being a Mogul can take a toll on you because you are automatically categorized. With this being said, you have went on countless outings [...]

…”Until death do us part” seems to be the most memorable portion of the wedding vows that women be holdin’ onto. These are also possibly the scariest words us men ever want to hear. That’s ’cause there is an everlastin’ promise that until you die…you are willing to “put up” with the same woman every […]

Social networking is here for a minute. Not sure if it is here to stay, being that things change over time. But I will bet that in some form or another social networking will be here for a while. So that means that we have to master it and not let it master you. One […]

Somebody get us Mark Cuban‘s email address. We got ideas for you playboy!!!

10 Ways To Keep Your High Profile Mogul A$$ Out Of Jail… Hire A Driver:  You know yo ass loves to get drunk and high…so what the f*ck you look like drivin’ ? Don’t Do Dope On The Move:  If you’re gonna bake your brain, don’t do it in traffic. Dispense With The Entourage And […]

NOT A GOOD LOOK You can only get away with this if your office is somewhere outside on someones beach and you have a few guest to entertain and a few drinks. Then by all means live it up!! If not, pick out a pair of slick slacks and keep it cool!

Men read this and take notes! Posh has broken down her 10 Style Rules for men to Details Magazine. 1. Style isn’t about money. One of the nicest outfits on a man is a pair of jeans, some old, messed-up boots, a simple white tee, and a vintage leather belt. You don’t have to spend […]

“The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour […]

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