Upon first look this cat seems like a bootleg ripoff of Michael Jackson, and if that is your impression you’re correct. Alfonzo Jones must of been peeping thru the windows of Michael Jackson’s Encino crib and ran off with some style. Not only does this album cover look like a Thriller, but his vocal style […]

T.I. and Tiny and fam all gather around the chair getting their Huxtables on. Only thing missing from the picture is a fat cigar, pudding pops and a Coke.

*Disclaimer- I know at times I can come off harsh, but I mean no disrespect to any artist living or dead. By no way am I trying to place any person’s life over any others. But I have to ask, have we lost the last of our Icons? The other day our world was rocked, […]

$10 Mike Jack didn’t spin that girl around himself!!!

If my memory serves me correct this show came on in the morning before school. Not sure anymore too many all-night ciphers left a few cells fried. But I do remember Gary G’nu and that fly turtleneck sweater.

In 2011, Jheri Curls aren’t “mogul-esque” worth a damn! But you know just like I do…90% of you have a picture buried somewhere of you shining like new money thanks to your curl…and it’s all too necessary “curl juice” 😉 Enjoy a private laugh on us.   FYI….I never had a Jheri Curl.. 😉

It was 12 years ago today that the legendary Roger Troutman was shot and killed by his brother Larry. The frontman for ‘Zapp’ and ‘The Human Body’, Roger was well-known for his use of the vocoder. A synthesizer that transformed the users voice into a Robotic tone. In the 80’s…Roger Troutman And Zapp were a […]

Hello Everyone, I am the newcomer to the Urban Mogul-Life family, and I have a question:  Is it acceptable to allow your mate (spouse or significant other) to have a “best friend” who is the opposite sex?  Would you allow your mate and the “best friend” to seclude themselves from others and you are not […]

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