50 Cent

  Vivica A Fox discussed 50 Cent’s views on Empire on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” The actress was questioned about 50 saying that Empire is losing ratings due to all of the “gay stuff.” “First of all, you know… pot calling the kettle black. That’s all I’m saying,” Fox responded. Hmmmm. These […]

G-Unit sat down with XXL roundtable style to discuss plenty of thing from the what broke them up, what brought them together, and what their vision is.

Moguls I will admit one thing, 50 Cent knows how to give an interview. If he never drops another hot record, he could still tour the media given interviews dropping little gems like breadcrumbs along the way for the people. And if you aren’t careful you might fool around and learn something.

Having recently made national headlines for awkwardly kissing a Daytona 500 reporter on pit lane, polymath rapper 50 Cent remains focused on driving the success of his many entrepreneurial ventures. The Queens, New York native has been seen tirelessly working to keep his promotional boxing company afloat while his fledgling headphones label, SMS Audio, looks […]

No doubt about it, Curtis looks like he can knock a cat on their ass if they run up the wrong way. And now after 6 weeks you can too. 50 Cent is releasing his new book Formula 50 which is a 6 week workout program. Survival is a recurring theme of 50 Cent’s lyrics, […]

  50 Cent, Eminem, Russell Simmons and others tell us How To Make Money Selling Drugs. The documentary will discuss all aspects of the illegal trade. Something tells us that after a few repeat viewings, kids all over the world will be jumping into the world of drugs.

It sounds like 50 Cent has a license to promote boxing events by the state of New York? What does this all mean? Will Floyd Mayweather leave Golden Boy Promotions once he gets out of jail?

That’s not R. Kelly it’s 50 Cent and he was  on Fox’s The Finder.

I guess 50 Cent must have not chilled around old people growing up, or he jsut didn’t watch Different Strokes (They always had grapefruit on the table!) Well whatever the case may be he doesn’t know what grapefruit is! At least according to Aziz Ansari. Somebody get that Mogul a book on fruit.

Damn I bet it feels good to win $500,000 off a NFL game. Well to win $500,000 off anything I can dig. 50 Cent was able to bank off the New York Giants success over the 49ers.He took to Twitter to let us know exactly how it feels. I love the NEW YORK see this […]

Gayle King loves 50 Cent so much that she got him tattooed on her arm. Now I know this is fake, or should I say I hope to goodness that it is. But fake or not, 50 is winning!!!

I bet that was one hell of a party!!!

50 took to his Facebook page to let us know that he is pissed off! The world is so f***** up People don’t seem to care anymore People seem to have distanced themselves from other people’s problems, they have been programmed not to care! Politicians are corrupt…So many companies are corrupt and taking excessive profits […]

We can’t believe that it after all these years 50 Cent and Lil Kim finally performed Magic Stick together. Seems like eons ago when they had that little tit for tat. But hey let bygones be bygones. The two performed this little diddy in Australia.

Jay-Z still bringing in the dough we see. To no surprise Hov is the big dog when it comes to hip hop. Bringing in a cool $37 million gives him the crown for at least another year. Diddy is on his heels with $35 million and Kanye West rounds out the top 3 with $16 […]

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1000039&w=425&h=350&fv=] 50 cent shares the same feelings that we have for Kelly Rowland, he wants her to win! With all the hype surrounding Motivation, the pressure is on for Ms. Rowland to bring it when her album drops.

This isn’t real is it? I mean hip-hoppers/business men/players/baby daddies/ moguls just don’t sit in a person’s chair and get this put in. Maybe this is a late April Fool’s joke? Maybe? I mean it sort of looks like a wet beaver sittin on his head!!!! Or maybe, just maybe this is for a new […]

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.995221&w=425&h=350&fv=configParams%3Did%253D1662792%2526vid%253D646311%2526uri%253Dmgid%253Auma%253Avideo%253Avh1.com%253A646311] 50 Cent shows us a lesson in respecting your elders, when he keeps a straight face when a lady tells him of Mongolian slaves. I mean…. for real? Who told her about this? This lady should write a book. Because she clearly has the jewels.

I wonder if Dr Dre is chuckling somewhere like, “I told y’all I never heard of them shits!” Apparently 50 Cent’s “Sleek By 50” headphones got the plug pulled after 4 months on the market!!! “We will be re-evaluating our Wireless Hybrid over-the-ear headphones at a later date. Currently we are working to bring our […]

Just a few shots of some of the biggest names in Hip Hop,  R&B and Pop music from back when they were just whipper-snappers…

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