With the REAL NBA season starting this Saturday now is the time to look back at what LeBron James did. Sometimes he looks like a god among boys out there. Who you rolling with Moguls?


So the other day Stacey Dash decided to take to Twitter to discuss who she thinks is the only choice for Decision 2012. And to some people’s surprise she is rolling with Mitt Romney!?!? And you can guess the backlash shots were coming her way immediately from all corners of the Twitter Universe.   And the […]

Esquire has made it official…. Mila Kunis is their choice for 2012 Sexiest Woman Alive. I know she has a special spot here at UML, but what do you say?

It is finally here. The only reason to welcome the cold weather is finally upon us. Yep that’s right my friends, the 2012-2013 NFL season is set to kick off this Wednesday when the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants square off with the Dallas Cowboys. Sweet! So with a new season comes predictions. […]

Samuel Jackson is not known for holding his tongue, so this tweet doesn’t really surprise me. Jackson took to Twitter Monday to question why the GOP Convention is being spared from Hurricane Isaac and not New Orleans? Fair enough, it could be something he asked himself. But it is catching some flack from the Grand […]

Raw Shoe Blog

Is Oscar Pistorious, the South African sprinter, a cheater? Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps…and plain old ribbin’.

  Ladies, do you think you could get your Fresh on in these? Raw Shoe Blog


Nas and Lauryn Hill took to the stage to perform If I Ruled The World at the 2012 Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland over the weekend.

Out of all of the performances during the 2012 BET Awards, D’Angelo’s would have to be at the top of the short list. In a time when we are bombarded by 80’s pop/dance music it is refreshing to hear real instruments for a change.

Could you? Would you? Should you? These shoes will make for some interesting conversation come the holiday season this year.

  Serena Williams and other Team USA members are featured in Vogue’s June issue.

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Burberry $895 Now that the good weather has finally sprung, it is time to transition our wardrobe from cold night wear to nice day garmets. One way to switch the look is with a fresh new blazer. Here are some of the ones that I would recommend for you to step your cool up with. […]

Inspired by Sarah Scott’s Grandmother’s autobiography, “A Stranger I Came,” written in 1953 about her transition from Berlin to New York. The story of her Grandmother is much like that of any modern woman of her time or ours–acclimating into American society while maintaining a sense of self.

Just for you ballin She-Moguls!!

Norfolk State University is in the Round of 32 in the 2012 NCAA Tournament!!! The Spartans look to advance to the field of 16 today at 6:10 PM. Click the image for more…UML tips its Kangol to you!!

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