Real Moguls Click Here!!!! (faq)

Can I contribute to UML?

Yes, if you are interested in joining our staff please submit a sample of your writing to . Once we receive your submission we will go from there.

Does UML review independent works such as music, film, poetry, etc.?

Yes we will review art on all levels from independent local artist, to the big names. If you would like us to consider reviewing your work, please send the copyrighted work to

Will UML ever upload the Morning Waffles so that I can download them?

Yes from time to time we will provide a link to download the Morning Waffles as well as other goodies. We will also feature a weekly download for you Moguls. However, once a link has died we can’t guarantee a re-up. So when you see a download you want, you better get it while the getting’s good!

Can I send a link to UML of something I find on the web that I think other Moguls may find interesting?

Yes please do! As big as the web is, it is hard for us to reach every corner. So if you stumble across something of interest please shoot us a link. You never know, we just may send you a little Mogul gift bag!

Can I be featured as the Daily Fresh or Daily Cool?

Most definitely! UML would love to begin to feature actual She-Mouguls and He-Moguls in the daily features. Please submit any photos for consideration to

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