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Joe aka B.J. Penn, started from the bottom and he’s still here. Enjoys bird watching, kung fu movies and breathing. Favorite quote of all time “Sweep the leg.” -Kreese

Eazy aka The baby daddy with the good hair. One half of of the the boujee hangout known as Sweats and suits. He brings a raw gentleman’s prospective on any topic of your choice and will kiss your girl afterwards.

Is one half of the Dynamic Duo Sweats & Suits podcast. He brings very uncensored and unapologetic vibe to the moguls. He will argue, talk, or debate you on any topic and shake ya hand at the end. Competition is his forte…. Hit him up! Twitter: SweatsNSuitspod IG: SWEATSNSUITSPODCAST/Sephdaddy_9itc FB: Sweats and Suits Podcast

Sometimes I write slow sometimes I write slick. ┬áImma cigar puffing, gun toting, 2nd Amendent loving, 2 wheel rollin’, laid back type of guy.

  Danny P Ocean…. the P stands for Poitier / El Fatiah is the founding writer of Urban Mogul Life and the Director of Food and Beverage. In addition to writing for UML, he is a member of one of the best podcasts in the history of podcasts…. The Mogul Lounge. And to top it […]

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