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The Mogul Lounge Episode 165: Is Weezy F Top Ten??

It’s the return of the Smack!! Belafonte James returns to the Lounge right in the nick of time to help the crew discuss Lil Wayne and his impact on hip hop? Can he considered a top ten artist of all time? The crew also talked about Bell Biv Devoe and if we need another New […]


Sweats & Suits Podcast Episode 86:Return From Lake Minnetonka

Eric was back from his purification to drop a bomb on us before we discussed Seth’s Kanye theory as well as dealing with rejection! VIBE WITH US!


Buffet Boys Podcast Who Killed Hip Hop?

In this episode we sit down with CEO Haize and Johnnie from The B.R.E.A.K.S and The Awakened Soul Podcasts, to ask the very important Question “Who Killed Hip Hop?”. you wont want to miss this episode. __________________________________ Guest social media Links: @oversatpodcast @TheBREAKSRadio @AwakenedSoulPod @CEOHaize @Jon__B @TheMindofRalph __________________________________ Follow us on social media: Twitter and […]


Moguls On Sports MLB Playoffs, NBA Season Kickoff, Terence Crawford, NFL And More

Paul Allen Dies at 65 Terence Crawford Boxing NBA Season Kickoff Nick Bosa Leaving OSU Rumor of BBB League not paying players Email:


Summer 2017 Collection Wave 1

  It is that time for the good folks at Urban Mogul Life open up the classic vault collection and let our readers, listeners, family, and friends a chance to get some of the exclusive digs!! For a limited run we are offering some of our best designs, you know the ones you seen a […]


Twisted Sisterz Episode30: Safe Word

Join our discussion this week on polygamy, R. Kelly’s alleged “sex slave” and safe words. Also does the different shades of skin in women of color mean anything different to you?


GeekSet Episode 23: What Kind of Life Is This

The Geekset crew is back to discuss ghost, ghouls, entities and goblins. They break down if they smashing a chick who practice witch craft, favorite ghost movies, do they believe in Paranormal Activity? And more. Take a listen Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @GeeksetPodcast Contact us: Attn: Geekset Podcast P.O. […]


Duolystic Ep. Sesenta y Seis- SEX SHOULD ALWAYS BE…

Join this week as they talk about made up school breaks. Special shoutout to the our Black Super Heros Humble Flourish Brand and Crown Holders. Both doing amazing things in the Dallas area. Topic: SEX SHOULD ALWAYS BE…? **Episode is sponsored by Drink Tekeen. You can go to to find the nearest location to […]


Episode 6 – Music vs The Life

The crew returns minus Jank to discuss separating the music from the life. DJ Contact also gives his review of Young Deuces new album My Unapologetic Black Thoughts. And they run down what they have been listening to since the last time we heard from them.  


The Awakened Soul Podcast Episode 70: Back On Track

CEOHaize discusses the reactiosn to Kanye’s SNL rant, the fallpout of UFC 229 and gets passionate when he discuses the jail system in St. Louis & police framing. Scoop Grady has the Petty News.


Love Lust & Badass Soul: Pure Unadulterated F**kery The Sequel

When you talk about pure unadulterated fuckery, the hilarity of this episode tops the charts!!! Hold tight to your seats and secure your edges as AJ & CJ get into it about 30 yr old virgins, blaming your wife for your infidelity, taking ownership of your mental and an update from our mystery married man […]


The B.R.E.A.K.S Radio: A King Restored

On this week;s show the team reviews T.I.’s new album Dime Trap and talk about his legacy. Haize thinks it may be his best body of work. Ralph and Johnnie have thoughts on Vic Mensa BET verse. The fellas also talk abut the obsession over if Tupac is still alive. Follow us: @TheBreaksRadio Contact us: […]

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