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Waka Flocka Flame and BET executive Stephen Hill engaged in heated conversation following his performance at the filming of the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards.  Following the Atlanta rappers performance, Hill, the Vice President of Music Programming, insulted Waka via Twitter, tweeting: “BET Hip-Hop Awards. The show was going so well…and then Waka Flak-ed. Yeah. I […]

Regina King, the outspoken voice of Huey and Riley Freeman on “The Boondocks” is urging Black women to open up their dating options.  She had this to say :    Of all groups of people, Black women are the least likely group of women that will date outside of their race. When you have everyone […]

  Hip-hop star Kanye West is still feeling the pain over his ambush of Taylor Swift last year — and he’s expressing his pain all over Twitter. West unleashed emotions on his official Twitter account Saturday, acknowledging once again that he was wrong for jumping on stage, grabbing the microphone from Swift at the MTV […]

I took another step into the modern world yesterday and joined Twitter.  Not because I have a high level of interest in telling the world where I am and what the hell I’m doing all the time, but because this UML thing is reaching people, and I’d be a fool not to use every reasonable […]

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.965028&w=425&h=350&fv=configUrl%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2Fvideo%2Fsfp%2FembedPlayerConfig%26configId%3D406732%26clipId%3D11467533%26showId%3D11466719%26gig_lt%3D1282663389693%26gig_pt%3D1282663583633%26gig_g%3D3] I was going to remain silent on this issue, I swear I was. I sat back minded my own business and just peeped game from the sideline. But as each story development comes forward, I am finding it harder and harder to mind mine. Where do I start? For one this whole over-dosing […]

The world’s of Hip-Hop and R&B music have joined forces to bring us some of the best music on the planet!  The question I want to answer is: Which Hip Hop x R&B collabo will go down as The Greatest Of All Time?!?! Before I write these, I often ask  a few other well versed […]

Today fam I went on an eating tour. Not sure what spurred it, maybe it was the mini fast that I went on yesterday? Maybe as I slept last night I had visions of food dancing in my head. Whatever it was, it had me in hunger mode this morning. When I rose from my […]

[Enter Soap Box]: Now…I’m from Milwaukee, so don’t get me wrong  here. Milwaukee is a beautiful city.  When I was growing up, it was downright pristine.  It has everything…nightlife, culture, the world’s largest music festival, beer, Fonzy,…and a reputation for being the Fattest City in America !!! Now we have our share of beautiful people…some […]

The other day I was chopping it up with a friend of mine and we were dissecting the importance of a college education in 2010. We both understand that a person should continue to further their education, that is not the question. But we were looking at the significance of a 4 year degree. And […]

One of our most avid readers, and a true Urban Mogul in her own right (and a strong proponent of equal opportunity eye candy on UML 🙂 ), obliged my request to do a G.O.A.T.’s post on a man that she thought was “the quintessential cool”.  It’s no secret that Danny P. and I dominate most […]

So it seems like Musical Chairs of the NBA Vol. 2010 isn’t over yet. Chris Paul still hears a tune playing as he scrambles to find a new chair. Word has it that Chris wants out of New Orleans, and possibly wants to go to either LA or New York! I can’t say that I […]

When Mo’Nique first burst on the scene I wasn’t sure that I would ever see her as a voice of reason in relationships. As a matter of fact, I was never in any real hurry to watch an episode of her show. What did catch my attention was an article I read regarding the relationship […]

The 2010 World Cup has ended with Spain hoisting the coveted trophy.  I definitely wouldn’t qualify as a top soccer authority, but I did watch the intense competition with great interest.  I spent most of my time trying to learn as much as possible and appreciate the beauty of the world’s most popular sporting event […]

  For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed. Remember, if you […]

The last time we visited this subject, we took a moment to recognize the timeless and unmistakable beauty that is Vanessa Williams.  In a world where physical beauty can be bought, inner beauty is under valued, and most people’s definition of beauty runs about as deep as a plastic wading pool, we have to thank […]

What do you Mogul-parents think about these subliminal messages?

Looks like the cool no hands approach of the President is starting wear thin, even from some of his supporters including James Carville. Criticism is beginning to rise over the White Houses refusal to take the lead in the Gulf Coast oil spill debacle. The White House feels like it is not their responsibility to step in, […]

Some songs are written, others…are born of the human experience.  In those instances, the song chooses the artist…and uses them as a vessel; a sort of pathway to this world so that they can live and and inspire the lives and arts of others.  The human experience prepares that vessel; providing just the right emotion, […]

  Now what I look like? Givin a chick half my trap like she wrote half my raps, yeah, I’m havin that you be the same chick when you leave me the bankbook and the credit cards and take everything you came wit Jay-Z – Who Ya Wit So word from the curb is that […]

It is funny how different some cats are made these days. I remember when it was an unwritten rule not to fool with one of your friends ex’s. A code of the streets that real men followed. It is never worth throwing away years of friendship for a little bit of cut-up. But somewhere along the way […]

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