Mogul Etiquette 101

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Every once in a while your style will require the service of a freshly tied bow tie. If yours doesn’t, you may want to reconsider. The bow tie has gotten a bad wrap  over the years thanks to cohorts like ruffles and cummerbunds; but classic styling like the tuxedo, and pattern mixing (for the fashionably […]

If a Mogul is in the company of others at a dinner, bar, living room, etc. they should not spend the entire night checking their phone. No playing Angry Birds, no updating Facebook, no sending instagrams. In fact your phone should be in your pocket more than in your hand.

No matter how hype the party is, a Mogul should never dance with his hands above his head.

Moguls don’t take part in gossiping no matter how juicy the story is. If gossip is going on around him/her it is wise to remain silent, or smoothly change the subject. Nothing good comes out of gossiping.

I know it is tempting, but never select “shuffle” at the party because you were too lazy to create a playlist before hand. Imagine a house full of beautiful people and after the Jay-Z song comes the one Neil Diamond song you have on your iPod. Dooohhh! Not a good look. Moguls create, we don’t […]

Social networking is here for a minute. Not sure if it is here to stay, being that things change over time. But I will bet that in some form or another social networking will be here for a while. So that means that we have to master it and not let it master you. One […]

For you Moguls that need to learn about what you wearing, check out Put This On. The latest episode entitled Tradition, features Jay Walter, head of Made-to-Measure at J.Press, and acclaimed fashion designer Thom Browne. This is definitly for the grown man who knows not to sag his pants!!

This commercial explains the life of an Urban Mogul. Don’t know about the product, but the hustle makes me want to go grab a six pack! Stay thirsty Moguls!

With the Ole Gunslinger catching so much flack for his off the field Croc picks, now is as perfect time as any to share sexting etiquette for those of you who likes to partake in such things. First let me say this, UML does not condone these extra-assticular activities. You are a grwon man, and […]

I get it…getting ‘Inked’ is the thing to do right now.  I’ve got no problem with a little well placed body art, but everyday I find myself staring at somebody who missed the memo on Mogul Tattoo Etiquette. Now, we’re not all that stuffy over here @ UML, but we do feel like body art should be […]

We’re firm believers that if you’re going to drink alcohol, you’d better like the taste. Masking the taste of booze with sweet mixes and purees is only acceptable at the earliest stages of experimental beveraging; once you’ve graduated from high school, it’s time to either stick to beer or move on to alcohol that tastes […]

NOT A GOOD LOOK You can only get away with this if your office is somewhere outside on someones beach and you have a few guest to entertain and a few drinks. Then by all means live it up!! If not, pick out a pair of slick slacks and keep it cool!

Some of us lucky Moguls may experience traveling to a different time zone. Even the best of us get tired from a little jet lag. So to avoid being caught sleeping when you should be tossing back a few cold ones UML has put together a simple little outline to get you ready for your […]

Well the days are getting longer and the mercury is rising. So what better way to celebrate the fresh, hot air than to hop on someone’s plane and float away. Or packing up the ride and hitting the highway Easy Rider style. But, before you leave home make sure you are well equipped for the […]

Accessories are often the details that send that final signal that your style is truly on-point. And let’s face it, as men, sometimes we just don’t replace our belts often enough.  I’m not sure why, they’re not that expensive, last almost forever, and we wear them everyday! At least I do. There’s no saggin here, […]

“When you’re in the market for love, and you find yourself rattling off an arm-long list of good-lookin’, good-lovin’, right-actin’, upwardly mobile qualities….make sure that you recognize that anybody that DAMN fantastic….probably has a pretty long list of their own.” – Author Known Mogul Moral: Seek nothing in others that you do not expect to […]

One of our favorite sites ( The Art of Manliness) wrote out the perfect guide to dining, making it possible for those of us who don’t know to know. To help us look like we been here before and know how to carry ourselves in the company of dinner guest. A Man’s Guide to Dining […]

You don’t wanna be caught doing this! Every Mogul should know when and how to kiss a woman. You don’t ever want to be one of the lames who get caught out there kissing someone inappropriately and end up with the palm to the face that slaps the piss out of you. The Air Kiss […]

These commercials are the definition of the Distinguished Mogul.

Logo belts or old-school belts with your name or initials. Should I continue????? Buckles that have you looking like Cowboy Bob Orton is not acceptable unless you are out in the frontier hunting wild buffalo. If this is not your style, hopefully that belt isn’t either. Your belt should be big enough to fill the […]

I will be the first to tell you, I am not a whisky drinker. As a matter of fact all I fool with is the clear poison, I would not be able to pick out whisky if it was in a police line-up. Is is it whisky or coke? Nope I couldn’t help you. That’s […]

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