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This is like a high-tech lava lamp. Sony showed off the prototype to it’s 3D tv in Tokyo. The screen  can be viewed from 360 degrees and remains crisp from any angle. Interesting! We need a bigger one to play our PS3. Video after the jump.

All day, every day? For my Crackberry Ballers out there, this is the perfect phone for you. The phone is a Blackberry Curve 8900, and it comes draped with 4,459 diamonds and coated in 18K of gold. To top of your Mogul status each phone comes with a 24 hour concierge service, worldwide! Ok now […]

The Iphone has an app for everything!!!! They ain’t never lied! The company Appirion, has developed an app that can control a car! Most impressive. Now that is flexing nerd skills! There is not much to say but watch the video, seeing is believing!

We take it that this is the perfect laptop to listen to your tunes on. I mean if Dr. Dre is endorsing it, then it has to be right? This HP laptop with the Dr. Dre stamp is retailing for $2300. This new Envy model Dr. Dre collaboration is a limited edition. So Moguls you […]

Google Wave is like email, facebook, and twitter on steroids. If you were one of the lucky moguls to get an invite, then you know what we are talking about. But if you are still waiting to try it out, here is a brief rundown. Google Wave is, in short, a remarkably full-featured collaboration and […]

Mogul Techies it is time to upgrade your cell game! The HTC Hero will be available on Sprint starting Oct. 11. Retail $179.99

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