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Okay Moguls…..I’ve heard good things about the orginal MagicJack from some friends of mine, and was planning to get one for the house. THIS news right here…..will have me dialin’ 1-800 in no time….. The company behind the magicJack, the cheap Internet phone gadget that’s been heavily promoted on TV, has made a new version […]

So Mie University in Japan has created a transparent goldfish. The scales and skin are clear exposing the heart and brain  for everyone to see! The group of scientists who created the breed say the fish can live up to 20 years and can as much as 5 pounds! I guess they will be in […]

Lenovo has released a remote keyboard/mouse that can control your computer from up to 10 meters away. This is perfect for those of us who have our computers connected to our big screen tv’s and would like to be in complete control. I can see it now, scrolling through your uploaded movie collection all from […]

If the iPhone/Touch had a big a%s son, JooJoo would be it. This touch screen devise lets you surf the internet and watch video from hulu and youtube in HD!! The screen measures in at 12 inches and operates similar to the iPhone/Touch. You can pre-order the JooJoo here for $500. (stupidDope)

We told you once before that Google will make spaghetti one day. Here is more proof! How many of you out there work with Chrome? I am more of a Firefox man myself.

Moguls with iPhones 3G/3GS this is for you. A stylish case with minimal design, no bulk, and protection. The case made by incase is available here at their store for $29.

For those of you with a Tom Tom Navigation System, you can have the D-O- Double G telling you where to go. Now you can get mad at Snoop when he tells you to turn right and it’s a dead in, but he tells you that you have reached your destination! Snoop tells you how […]

$1000 (Like Cool)

With the release of DJ Hero, a whole lot of us want to get our Jazzy Jeff on. Now we can scratch to that wherever we are. Amidio has released Touch Dj, an app for the iPhone that lets users manipulate 2 different mp3 tracks by scratching, mixing, and looping among many other features.  The […]

Any Mogul with an audio collection worth anything will have some classic vinyl. Vinyl so classic that you can’t find the album on cd or mp3 form. So what is a Mogul to do? Thankfully Carhartt & Vestax heard our cries and came together to create a USB turntable that is perfect for creating those […]

For all of you BMW Moguls out there, Apple has released an app in it’s store just for you. The new BMW TV app will provide users with a unique brand experience of BMW, which will allow them to stream from their iPhone or iPod Touch the latest videos from BMW TV, as well as […]

Will cost $300-400 (engadget)

Ladies can you see yourself at the party in this? The Galaxy Dress uses 24000 LEDs to create a dazzling display. This dress is on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, in their “Fast Forward: Inventing the Future” exhibit. So excuse me if I start to play with your Digital Display […]

Greenhouse presents women’s camcorders. What do you think ladies? Will you use this during your next trip?

Have you ever wished you could ear hustle on the conversation that goes on in another room? You now have that opportunity!  You  can have hearing like Superman! The Next Room Eavesdropper can amplify sounds from another room, through a door, and supposedly through a steel plate! Don’t know who is nosey enough to cop […]

Moguls meet Tango, the  robo vaccum from Samsung. This little friend comes with a remote control, a camera to tell where it’s going, a gyro for direction, and can detect furniture from 2cm away. Wow! It can clean hardwood floors, sheets, and carpet! This is perfect for the Mogul who just doesn’t have time to attack […]

So the players in the think tank over at Twitter decided to design a Twitter only portable device. OK, wow? How many of you Twitter users will actually buy this for $99? I’m going to take a wild guess here, but I don’t think many people will cop this. What you think? If you love […]

250gb PS3 $349.99 Available Nov. 3

I am not going to lie. I have not been been down with a Moto product since my beloved Timeport that I dropped in the toilet! (Don’t ask) But from what I heard, the Verizon Droid is the phone to get. We have been hearing about an iPhone killer since the iPhone first dropped. And […]

Remember back in the day when we used to tag walls? Imagine if we would have had this joint? No wall was damaged in the process because no paint is used. This method uses the power of video! Now only if we can get one to tag Mogul-Life everywhere.

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