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  This is just what the doctor ordered, an iPad that has enough gb’s to carry at least a good portion of my videos and tunes. Apple announced that it will release an 128gb iPad on Feb. 5th. The prices will be $799 (US) for the iPad with Wi-Fi model and $929 (US) for the iPad with […]

  That’s exciting, that’s really exciting that Tim, you know, wanted to come and get involved with SMS. Because now, he has ownership in the company. Equity ownership and he’s involved in it and it gives him the same incentive that I have with moving forward and being successful. We’re doing big things. We’ve got […]

  Well it looks like all of those pictures we posted on Instagram can now be sold by the company to a third-party without our consent. Yep, that means that picture of all the bottles of Ciroc you and your friends downed one night can photoshopped with Diddy saying “take that… take that…” So if […]

Moguls & She-Moguls…this is what technology is good for! I like this product so much…I made Santa give it to me for being so good all year long. After all…Mogul-ing is hard work. You see, my taste is a little on the nostalgic side. Nostalgic to the tune of more vinyl records than I can count. […]

Damn who needs a real keyboard when you can have that virtual freshness?? Brookstone has introduced a thingofmajig that connects to your smartphone or laptop thru bluetooth or USB. It then projects a keyboard for you to do your typing. The future will set you back $99 which is actually not bad. Maybe you can […]

Jay-Z is pushing Powermats now. The Duracell product allows users to keep gadgets fully charged without the use of cords. Nice! Look for the mats now in 40/40 Clubs, soon to be in other spots.

If that pebble blue or cocaine white Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t your thing, maybe red will tide you over. AT&T will begin taking pre-orders for the “Garnet Red” color beginning on July 15th.

Looks like Justin Timberlake still has faith in MySpace, and we believe that you should also. MySpace is partnering with Panasonic for  MySpace TV. The software will allow users to watch tv and chat with friends in real time. Hmmm. what you think about that Moguls?

  Little Printer seems to me that it is a cool little gadget to have. I am sure I can find a thing or two to do with it. The tiny printer is produced by BERG (cool on all types of levels!).  Check it out.

  Apple has always been on the cutting edge it seems. They had visions of an iPhone back in 1983 with this all-white landline edition. Not sure what all could be done on the touchscreen, but I am assuming it a notes app to remind you to pick up the milk on your way home […]

If you are in the mood for a new smart phone you may want to hit up RadioShack. The Shack has a select number of Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T, free Nov. 20-23 with a qualifying new or upgrade two-year plan and data pack. Verizon Wireless HTC Droid Incredible 2 LG Cosmos 2 LG Enlighten […]

  Lil Wayne Releasing Prepaid Discover Cards Lil Wayne’s label is moving forward with plans to release a line of credit cards, this time through ACCENT InterMedia. Young Money Entertainment has announced plans to release the Young Money Prepaid Discover® Card that can bee purchased online at The concept for the Young Money Card […]

Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire, supposedly the “next” iPad killer. We have seen iPad and iPhone killers come and go. Could this one be the one?

  I noticed over the few years that I have been a Facebook member that change is certain. So I really don’t understand why so many people have their undies in such a bunch. Well you all better brace yourself for some more. Mark Zuckerberg recently previewed the new timeline feature that Facebook wants you […]

So it looks like smartphone maker HTC has bought the lion’s share of Dre’s Beats Electronics for $300 million. Beats Electronic is the maker of the famous Beats By Dre headphones and it was started by Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. This is a major power move by both parts. My only hope is that […]

Facebook has jumped into the messaging business with its new phone app. The app allows users to send messages and texts through the 750-million-member social network, and it updates in real-time, so there’s no need to refresh to see if you’ve received new messages. The app, Facebook Messenger, will use your Facebook friends contact information […]

  Just couple of hours ago on stage at TED Global, Jawbone announced the grand project they’ve been quietly working on for years: A wearable band called Up, which is infused with sensors and smartphone connected, allowing you to track your eating, sleeping, and activity patterns and collects that info via Jawbone’s UP App on […]

Ever lose your cell phone? Me neither, but for those of you who said yes which city do you hail from? Maybe you are a product of your environment and it is your destiny to lose your iPhone. Sucks to be you. But at least I hope you are putting sometype of password on your […]

It is safe to say that Facebook is the devil.  Pure D-Devil. We can see this going in all types of directions. Maybe it is time to shut down Facebook.

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You know life is good when you can buy a 18k gold phone. The Vertu Constellation Quest will set you back over $17,000. But if you asking the price, then you probably can’t afford one. Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre features a matte black PVD body with detailing in polished stainless steel or polished 18 carat […]

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