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I recently jumped back into the world of iPhone and it is still taking me a moment to get reacquainted with the out of the box apps that Apple offers. Most of them are pretty good mind-you but some of them lack compared to what Android offers. One of them that I still can’t find […]

  Do you need an 105 inch tv? If so Samsung has you covered, but it will cost you a pretty coin. How much coin you ask??  Try $120,000 worth of coin. More than just a really big screen, the Samsung UHD S9 features 4K-ready 5,120 x 2,160 resolution (a whopping 11 million pixels) along […]

  Apple has teamed up with Swatch to possibly create an iWatch. Apple has been working with at least one partner, Swatch, to release a line of smartwatches in variety of branded styles and price points, a source with knowledge of the situation tells VentureBeat. While most Apple-watchers and media have been laser-focused on one or […]

Well Samsung is making jokey jokes about Apple FINALLY getting a bigger screen this fall. We say it is about time Apple.

We have about 2 months before us Moguls can get our paws on iOS8. But if you need a quick fix trying to see what it is like this video will have to do.

Those Japanese sure knows how to travel, the country has recently unveiled a Cruise Train that looks like a hotel on wheels. The luxury train can hold up to 34 passengers and will cost $50 million to develop. Japan can look for the Cruise Train in 2017.  

    How big is too big? Rumor has it that Apple will release a 12.9 inch iPad called the iPad Pro this fall. Also the company will drop a 9.7 inch iPad Air and a 7.9 inch iPad Mini. Get your money in order Moguls.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for  that Star Wars lover in your heart. Not only does this R2 unit charge phones, he also can fix the hyper-drive on your Millenium Falcon. Source

Samsung has released the latest version of it’s phablet. Have you picked up yours Moguls?

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen,  the iKettle may be a nice start. This coffee pot sends you a message when it is done instead of the old-school whistle. The crux of the kettle’s capabilities is its ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This puts it in contact with an accompanying […]

  If ya do grab $4400 and it can be yours. The HTC One will come with an 18k gold paint that can have you stunting on your iPhone and S4 friends. But if you want one you better have connects, because only 5 will be made.

Samsung is ready to drop the Galaxy Note 3 on us later this month. The latest addition features an even larger screen at 5.7″.

  You can now use your Facebook mobile app to make reservations at restaurants. Over 20,000 restaurants have been included in this pilot program which allows users to reserve spots at restaurants by going to their page. Facebook teamed with OpenTable to bring this feature to it’s users.

  As we move forward into the future, man is realizing that what we truly need to do is cut the cord. We have cords everywhere these days with our laptops, tablets, iPods, and cell phones. Well we can cross cell phones off the list for good with another product dedicated to cutting the cord. […]

Well this wasn’t much of a surprise but Instagram gets video support added aka Vine killer.   One added feature is that you can add filters to your videos in true Instagram style. How many of you are excited by this?

We are living in the times of technology. Which has gained us leaps & bounds in the way of information and access to EVERYTHING! But this is by far not without casualties of reality. Today there are more influences of what one wants than what one actually needs. Nowadays perhaps there are more single people […]

Rejoice iPhoners, you now can get Google Now for your very own.

Well it is that time of year again….. re-up on cell phone season. And first up to the plate is Samsung with their Galaxy S4 phone. For those of you who are ready to renew your contract they will be in stores April 27th. If you preordered look for the Fedex man April 25th. Yep […]

I am pro-Note 2 in this piece. So I am pretty amped about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and what it means for the Note 3. And from the looks of it Samsung hasn’t let me down.

One thing about cell phones these days is that the latest and the greatest is always coming around the corner. Samsung is prepping us for the release of the Galaxy S4 with this teaser video. Look for more info when Samsung introduces the latest Galaxy product March 14 in New York.

  For $70 you can cop a media player that can hang with some of the more expensive options. The Western Digital TV Play can stream content from your computer to your tv. Bundled with WD TV is everything from Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. How long will it be before we cut the cable cord? […]

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