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This segment the Moguls discuss importance of wearing a suit and Poindexter’s News makes a return.    

   This segment they dig into Duggar, Farrakhan and they bring back Ask A Mogul.    

This segment the Moguls try to identify what music artists album collection could be considered be a classic run.

This segment the Moguls discuss some current topics on Poindexter’s News.

  This segment the Moguls discuss a lion that’s on the run, do we have a Liongate on our hands.

  This segment is reflecting on the 20 yrs Anniversary of 2PAC’s second album entitled “Me Against The World”.  Where does this album sit for you?  

  So rap mogul 50 Cent files for bankruptcy, the fellas breakdown the situation and news that came across Poindexter’s desk.

    This segment of The Mogul Lounge, SPEAK Easy is moving cross country to bigger, better and to further UML brand.  

  In the lounge Serena Williams’s greatness is discussed and acknowledged.

The allegations that are surrounding Bill Cosby are being discussed in this segment of The Mogul Lounge.

This segment the fellas discuss the church burnings that have occurred in the south since the Charleston shootings.

  This segment the fellas discuss a transit system work stoppage and it’s affects on the community in which they service.

This segment the fellas kickback and share their thoughts on 4th of July holiday.  Sure to be finger licking good..

    This segment the guys at UML sit down and discuss the our summer bucket list and review the new Skyzoo album.

This segment the guys at UML sit down and discuss the Supreme Court ruling of the 5-4 vote on Same Sex Marriage.  

 This segment we discuss the NBA Finals and the shootings in Charleston, SC.  

  The good folks at The Mogul Lounge present to you a special Father’s Day dedication podcast.  We reflect on fatherhood and just want to share how much it mean to us.  Happy Father’s Day!


UML sits down with clothing designer Marc Wood and discusses his brand ULyfe Clothing and we finish up Making of the GOAT.      

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