Poddy Mouthz Podcast

Hands on Teaching, Father(less) Time, Put down the got damn media!!, Oh you fitted..fitted, You got a message for sale?, D-Rose’s big game, we board a runaway “roast train” with young scrappings.. and of course rejecting deposits.. tune in now to the Poddy Mouthz Podcast!!

Chatty Patty’s, The hidden art of attention whoring vs self love, and Halloween costume hi-jinx. Plus, our new Ask Burgie segment stirs the show up, AD rejects some deposits, and Maal is well.. Himself.. Tune in, it’s the Poddy Mouthz Podcast!!!

Ye’s back,Trump’s a meteorologist, Ernie and Bert skeletons, Be careful 6 God, and Portrait Mode… You using too many napkins.. Join Burgie 2x, AD, and Maal Himself on the premiere episode of the “Poddy Mouthz” podcast!

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