Choppin’ It Up w/ Rob & Lamont

Hey folks! On this week’s episode of the Choppin it up with Rob & Lamont Podcast, we continue our conversation on Sidepieces. We will expand in the concept of having a Sidepiece and what are the futuristic implications of being in this type of relationship. Should be a very tantalizing topic and your comments are […]

Check out the “Choppin it up with Rob and Lamont” podcast tonight as we discuss students attacking teachers. We will analyze what punishment should be for students who attack teachers, and teachers who fight back! This should be a very opinionated discussion, and your comments are welcome!

Join Rob and Lamont as they discuss the great start of the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Packers latest trades and transactions. Also, the topic of prostitution will ignite awesome dialogue and friendly banter this week. Email:  

Icy Mack joins Rob in the booth as they discuss Sidepiece 101.

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