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Core Jewels has released its Winter 2009 Collection. The timeless pieces feature a black finish that guarantees a nice classic finishing touch to your daily fresh! The jewelz can be copped at hnyee.Store.

  Now we wouldn’t mind taking over this spot!

The Beatles have announced a collaboration with COMME des GARCONS to create a collection of bags and clothes. The collection will be designed by Rei Kawakubo using inspiration from the works of The Beatles.  The first part of this long-term partnership consists of t-shirts and  handbags. The collection is available on November 27 at the […]

– We can see it now, dim black lights Jimi Hendrix playing in the background, and the smoke is thick in the air. Not cigarette or Black n Mild smoke, but that Mary Jane. Can you picture that? No you aren’t across the pond somewhere, but you are here in the US. It looks like […]

There is nothing better than a bag with print from the MotherLand. This ladies duffel bag features Gold Ugandan print and is made with 100% bull twill. This bag is a unique beauty. You can buy one here for $73.

This bag looks like Batman’s weekend bag. Very unique. Source: Gizmodo

All day everyday? I don’t know what else to say. The Best Home of 2009; The Klein Bottle House.

Generally, I keep my hideaway spots to myself, but we’re all family here so I’m gonna drop a little Jewel that anyone who enjoys a little peace and relaxation can/will appreciate. Not much for the whole Spa Experience, or gettin’ my toes done, but chillin’….I’ve got it down to a science! Wisconsin Dells is one […]

The treehouse built in Crossville Tennessee, is over 90 feet tall! Treehouse??? How bout main house. As long as it has electric and plumbing I am there! Can you imagine the parties this crib could hold? More pictures after the break.

Now this right here looks like it is the place we need to be! Picture yourself good drinks, conversation, weather, favorite pair of sunny’s, Urban Hang Suite blasting;who could ask for anything more? This concept yacht by Lila-Lou’s is just ridiculous! SInce it is just a concept, we may never get the chance to kick […]

All day everyday? Next time you kickin’ it in Dubai, check out the Frame Hotel. This hotel is complete with a tropical jungle smack dab in the middle of it. It probably has tigers, chimpanzees, and the like running loose inside! I know when we at UML visit our friends in Dubai, this is where […]

If you love video games and have about $115 to trick, you to van pick up these Sega Zippo-style lighters. What a perfect way to light that Cuban during the holiday season. You can pre-order these over at Banpresto for delivery in December. Smoke responsibly. Courtesy: Engadget

Every responsible UM needs a working list of  “Chill Spots” to go and unwind with like minds. On a recent trip to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, a fellow cigar enthusiast introduced me to Town & Country Cigars of Euless. The spot features a beautiful walk-in humidor with a wide selection that would satisfy the cravings […]

All day every day? I don’t know what else to say….” Next time you Urban Moguls go to Vegas, check out the Insanity Ride at the Stratosphere. It is a ride that dangles you over 900 feet above the streets of Las Vegas.  If you choose to partake please be sure and take a picture […]

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