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This is the perfect stocking stuffer for  that Star Wars lover in your heart. Not only does this R2 unit charge phones, he also can fix the hyper-drive on your Millenium Falcon. Source

Do you have a couple million dollars to spare? If so, you can explore this list of the top 10 most luxurious and expensive cars as a serious buyer. But back in reality, most of us will just read on in gaping-mouthed admiration. The below cars are incredible, fine-tuned machines with performance grades that just […]

  This Friday while some of you are eating turkey sandwiches or posted up trying to cop that Black Friday toaster, shoes heads will be hoping to score these; The Air Jordan V Oreo.


  This one is for the preppy She-Moguls.

  Would you She-Moguls?

Chanel has launched the J12 Moonphase watch. The reason the watch has “Moonphase” in its name is because it features a special blue aventurine dial that displays four phases of the moon. The watch is available in white, black, white set with diamonds and black set with diamonds. It is water resistant to 100 meters. A Blog […]

  I can’t lie, anything Star Wars gets my attention. So when these Star Wars 14k cufflinks came across my rss feed I was all eyes. These Darth Vader or Yoda 14k cufflinks will set you back $4,200 a pair, but what the hey…… it’s Star Wars!!!!

  Turnbull & Asser is celebrating The Beatles 50th Anniversary by releasing pocket squares that feature one of the group’s album covers. Each pocket square will cost you $150 or you can buy the entire set for $1995.  

  Coming soon…….


  For the right price you too can wipe your ass with gold. The sparkling paper will cost you 1.3 million!! Not sure about you, but for that much money my ass better shine for the next week and the paper would have to last me years. But hell I know some of you Moguls […]

Redefining traditional tailoring design, the collection features innovative fabric and engineered canvassing to allow unparalleled movement and comfort.

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