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Fans of American History and African-American History may enjoy this new, illustrated, 622p. Random House publication.  The new book by Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns, chronicles the migration of over 6 million African-Americans from the deep south from 1915-1970.  Click the image for the full review…

Any reasonable Man or woman will eventually contemplate the importance the concept of God will have in their own life.  After all, whether you call yourself a believer or not, it is virtually impossible to coexist on this planet without encountering the concept.  If you should so decide that a relationship with God is something you […]

California has taken another step in the “Legalize It” saga.  Proponents of “Lawful Marijuana” have to be pleased with Oakland’s new decision to allow large-scale growing and processing of the popular social drug.  The new step is groundbreaking in that it appears to open the door for a legalized manufacturing and control process.  Making you […]

The last time we visited this subject, we took a moment to recognize the timeless and unmistakable beauty that is Vanessa Williams.  In a world where physical beauty can be bought, inner beauty is under valued, and most people’s definition of beauty runs about as deep as a plastic wading pool, we have to thank […]

Every party needs a driving force at the center.  That force must have endless vision,  dynamic personality, and unmistakable style.   Without it, it’s just another date on somebody’s calendar, with it….it’s an event that no one wants to miss!  The Milwaukee, WI/Charlotte, N.C. based event planning company, The Socialistas…are that force. The dynamic duo […]

Alaïa – Lace-front peep-toe ankle boots $1,805

SmartFaucet Tired of turning the tap on and off? This “intelligent faucet” from iHouse uses facial recognition to recognize you automatically and adjust the water temperature and flow to your tastes. The touchscreen lets you access e-mail, weather forecasts, and your daily schedule while bathing. Hmmm…..

Haider Ackermann $1,197

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