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Me and you/ Yo Mama and yo cousins too/ rolling down the strip on vouges/ Comin’ up slammin’ Cadillac doz’

The Bugatti Galibier 16C looks like a ride that Bruce Wayne will roll around in. This Batmobile can reach speeds of 217 mph! (

Nissan’s concept car “V2G”, reminds us of under water roach straight from 2078! It is probably a cool ride, half motorcycle other half car, but the look has me tripping a little. Why we gotta ride lobsters? We may or may not see this car on the road, but if this is a concept, you […]

You can’t make hot music to be appealing.  You’re just a lost situation.  And since he can’t match me musically or physically in the streets, he has no street presence.  None.” The war between Curtis and William shows no signs of slowing down but at least they’re keeping it on wax.  Since Katt Williams has […]


October 24, 2009

BMW’s commercial for their M3 looks more like a Fast & Furious trailer than an ad. This creative ad entitled “Living in the Lights”, is probably the first of more to come.

The Iphone has an app for everything!!!! They ain’t never lied! The company Appirion, has developed an app that can control a car! Most impressive. Now that is flexing nerd skills! There is not much to say but watch the video, seeing is believing!

All day everyday?….. Hyundai seems to be releasing the Equus in 2010 here in the United States. Now it seems to us that Hyundai is stepping up their game big time! First they hit us with the Genesis, now the Equus. This new Hyundai has been available in South Korea for a minute. But following […]

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