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If you peeped my last post and plan to cop one of Stuhrling’s new pieces, then you may also need one of these…. Timepiece Valise:

A vicious fan of unique, quality wares, I feel it’s my duty to direct your attention to Stuhrling Timepieces. If a Mogul must keep time…..this is definitely A WAY to do it. And for the SheMogul…. Enjoy, Ibedubl

Harvard is to offer a class on HBO’s gritty series The Wire. The class will be taught by sociology professor William J.Wilson. Wilson who is a long time fan of the show stated: “I do not hesitate to say that it has done more to enhance our understanding of the challenges of urban life and […]

This aint quite our flavor yall, but I had to post this BULLSH*T this fool said about our beloved MJ… Joe Jackson recently said his son is worth more dead than he is alive.  Damn, true or not, this statement is unacceptable. Flip the hood for more.  When interviewed by Extra during the This is It premiere, […]

I can’t use my own music without getting your permission?” The music industry isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  Images may seem a lot different from afar and as people continue to look at artists and envy their luxurious lifestyles has a reality gut check to look forward to.  Too many have been […]

While Beanie was busy going off on his former Rocafella associates with that infamous Charlemagne Tha God interview, the Jigga man and his longtime connect and homeboy, Memphis Bleek were conclusively silent. Now Bleek’s responded to the diss and taken to his Twitter to air out his grievances. On his @MemphisBleek Twitter page, he made […]

Can we guess who Jay-Z was this year? And the next question, does this man ever rest?

Shyne is back in Belize with his family. He landed the other day but still hasn’t made any statements with the media because his lawyer wasn’t present at the time. According to his uncle, Shyne is renting the whole floor of a hotel so, he can have some Peace & Quiet…

Christian Dior Multi-Print Tote $800 Courtesy: cooldesignerhandbags.com

To do a biography on somebody is putting their business on wax.” If everyone will take a moment to lay back on a blast to the past, a trip will be taken back to  2004 when Nas was on his climb back to the top after dropping Stillmatic in 2001 and following it up with […]

By now you must have figured out that the Moguls that post here are undeniably sons of Hip-Hop. I tend to revel in the golden age of Hip-Hop when the MC was the Urban Newsman and just a few lines could jumpstart a party…..without the promise of gunplay. In those days….every MC had to (sooner […]

Now…..anybody who knows my style will tell you that Brooks Brothers is NOT my flava….but this right here… Speaks for itself! I may just have to cop a pair to house my Mogul toes!

The BET HIP-HOP AWARDS ’09 Nominees Are In … Kanye West Leads The Pack With Nine Nominations As Hip-Hop’s Crowning Night Premieres on BET Tuesday, October 27th at 8:00 p.m.*

Do you remember when the artist known as D’Angelo blessed us with his infectious blend of funk, r&b and soul?Well its been nearly ten years since any new material has surfaced from the leader of the neo-soul movement and after rumors of his battles with drug addiction, legal woes, and production setbacks D’Angelo is reportedly […]

We all know it’s been a hard year for our boy Chris Breezy, after getting into it with our beloved RI RI and all, but I think this guy has what it takes to bounce back stronger than ever Since 2008, Brown started to work on a upcoming studio album. According to him, he will experiment […]

It’s the return of the G.O.A.T.…..and I knew sooner or later I was going to address this one. Clearly Mr. Spike Lee has offered up some of the best movies of my generation….arguably of all time. Features like “School Daze”, “Do The Right Thing”, “Jungle Fever”, “Inside Man” have helped to broaden the scope of […]

I’m spreadin’ the word on this one ‘cuz I am definitely a lover of Lobe Hangers! A well put together SheMogul with just the right amount of decoration can put a gleam in my eye and some glide in my stride. There’s a couple of young ladies I know that run a BlogSpot called Beautiful […]

  Not that the future of the show was ever in doubt, but Fox has extended its original season-and-a-half order of The Cleveland Show to a full two seasons. Given the strong premiere ratings for the show, seasons beyond number two will likely be in the bag. If Fox didn’t extend, they’d have to deal with […]

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