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(CNN) — Cincinnati Bengals football player Chris Henry has died, police in Charlotte, North Carolina, confirmed Thursday. Henry suffered “life-threatening injuries” after falling out of the bed of a pickup during a fight with his fiancee, police said earlier. The incident occurred shortly before noon Wednesday when Henry’s fiancee tried to drive off during a […]

One thing that Iverson fans always rubbed in my face was the fact that Jordan got crossed by him. We all know the video, Iverson at the top of the key, does a little step and catches Michael reaching. They would laugh and laugh, and my trust-worthy response would be killer cross-overs don’t bring home […]

When Tiger Woods’ break from golf ends, he’s unlikely to regain his crown as one of the world’s most valuable pitchmen, even if he gets back to winning tournaments and convinces people he’s changed. America loves comeback stories, but his future ad opportunities are likely to be limited to sports product endorsements, significantly reducing his […]

While America may be split on whether Elin should stay or leave the World’s Number One Golfer, sponsors such as Nike, Gillette, Gatorade and AT&T, have pledged to stick behind their 1 Billion Dollar investment. What do you think?

  I remember watching the US Open last summer and seeing first-hand the Serena Williams outburst! I will admit that I am not the biggest tennis fan, but when it comes to the Sisters William, I try not to miss a finals or semi-finals match. Well on this summer day I was in for a treat! Serena Williams […]

It’s been a long road for the boy, but as we can seen , he has arrived from going to USC, to Arizona, to not being able to pass the entrance exams to attend college. He did what he thought was best for him and his family, and went overseas to play in the  Euroleauge. […]

This has to be the dunk of the year so far. Someone please tell me why ya boy Varejao jumped? Maybe he likes being on posters? But he will be on the negative side of this pic! On the day when His Airness Michael Jordan was in the building, when Wade and the Jordan Brand […]

  There is no way that a son of the GOAT would put a pair of funky adidas on his feet! Nope it just won’t happen! Marcus Jordan who plays for the University of Central Florida Golden Knights, will not have to put on a pair of adidas when he suits up for game time. In […]

    Last Thursday, Marcus Jordan, the Hall of Fame guard’s younger son, told the media that he’d honor the University of Central Florida’s contract with adidas by wearing all the apparel with adidas logos on it. He would not, however, take the court in the shoes. Citing family pride, Marcus said he would be […]

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