The Lyric

Moguls for the last 3 weeks we have been on Facebook debating, questioning, and validating the top 20 albums in the history of Hip Hop. It has been a process that not only kept my debating skills sharp, but it has also sent me back to the vault to listen to music I otherwise would […]

In life there’s transitions we go thru personally and professionally. How will you handle it is the question! This same process happens in the music industry and without criticizing, there’s a lot of artist that flat out just FAIL. Some of the greatest one hit wonders have songs that have stood the test of time, […]

It was many and many a year ago,    In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know    By the name of Annabel Lee; And this maiden she lived with no other thought    Than to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child,    In this kingdom […]

As you sit there in the midst of a great conversation, you realize as easy as she arrived she could leave. She is your Angel, arrived in the breeze of a spring evening; soft and beautiful. You sit and patiently wait for more words in between the smiles and glances; that’s when you realize this must […]

“The Lyric” used to be a very popular feature here at UML. But with the onset of expansion, merchandising, and some other random Mogul Sh*t, it ended up being one of the features that fell to the wayside. The Blog and what we post on it is the heart and soul of our brand. It’s […]

I was listening to this conversation Noticing my daydream stimulated me more I was crumbling with anticipation You’d better send me home before I tumble down to the floor You’re so beatiful but oh so boring I’m wondering what I’m doing here So beatiful but oh so boring, I’m wondering If anyone out there really […]

It’s funny how I have close to 200 gb’s of music, but I always seem to listen to the same songs. Either the hot “new” album that gets play for a week or two. Or the staples in my collection that I always fall back on to get my mind right. Well on my way […]

For when you find yourself talking to a spirit… Ghost Whisperin’  I wasn’t ready 365 days ago…and I’m not ready now. Miss doesn’t seem to be the right word…but it keeps comin’ up; even though I ain’t talked about it much. Watchin’ you leave was the hardest sh*t. What was carried with you was ripped […]

A young cat named Proverb The Poet spits his jewel on what matters most in life…

We all have moments when inspiration is needed, when our motivation falters, and our shadows seem to overwhelm our guiding light. Our vision becomes cloudy, and we use our already soggy sleeve to wipe away what will lead to tears. The breath we try to take smells foul and polluted, and pressing forward seems halted […]

Tupac’s death struck me hard. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was that youngster who was hip to Pac before long before “Thug Life” became his focus. I remember harrasin’ the staff at the local record store….just wonderin’ when the first single was gonna hit the shelf so that I could follow right […]

Lyrical phenom….. Enjoy, I.B. Edubl

What a day for the inaugural “Lyric” feature. On a day where we celebrate the life of a man who spoke so eloquently in defense of justice. Whose own lyrics have shaped the minds and fabric of America. I invite all that command the gift of verse to read, and share.

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