We live in a time where we want information at the pace of a fast food restaurant. Data is required two minutes ago and the resolutions to our issues is expected yesterday. To top it off, we want it all to be highly secure. Easy right? Well sort of! Currently Apple and the Feds are […]

Poindexter will be proud of me. As some of you longtime readers know Poindexter is the resident Apple head of the UML office. He loves everything Apple….. Mac, iPhone, iPad, Beats Music. Shit if Apple comes out with iSlippers playboy will probably get two pairs, one for the office and home. He is so serious […]

Price range $1299-$1599 New slimmer design come in good, space and silver 1.1or 1.2 GHz processor 12 inch screen 256 or 512 GB onboard storage 8 GB  of onboard memory The new Apple watch price range $349-$15,000 Sports, a normal watch and the special editions Apple TV has dropped to $69 and HBO is now […]

Ever thought about cutting the cord? If you don’t watch that much TV, don’t sign up for paid TV services. Stick with your local TV channels or look into other options. Apple TV, Roku or Slingbox or Amazon Fire can be an option.

The next Samsung Galaxy S phone will feature the wraparound screen as seen on the Galaxy Edge (Pictured above). With the Galaxy series losing ground Samsung has to come out with a few punches. Look for the S6 later this year.

Some may think I go overboard with my technology, I say it allows me to be more efficient. These days everywhere you look people are working out. That’s great! However, how do they know if they’re maximizing they’re potential. Well, there’s an app and a tool to track that. 2014 was the year of the […]

Sometimes you have to spend to save, meaning that the savings outweighs the investment. Let’s just say the tech world meets the savings world. Now this may sound like a double negative but follow us. The Nest thermostat learns your lifestyle, the device can be controlled via your smartphone. Who wouldn’t want to adjust their […]

Here’s my week 8 picks, I was able to pull within 1 point of first place. There’s still a lot of season remaining.

  Looks like Sony is locking up this next generation of game systems down. Launched in Japan last November as the PS Vita TV, and arriving in the United States today, the PlayStation TV is basically the guts of a PlayStation Vita handheld game system stuffed into a tiny case. You sacrifice the integrated gamepad, […]

As I’ve aged a bit, I have embraced new things. Over the past 10 years I have learned to enjoy the peacefulness that a good cigar and a glass of bourbon on the rocks provide. Whats even better is that I can enjoy them with the love of my life, my spouse that is. When […]

Just like the previous years, one of my best friends and I camped out for the anticipated release of the latest Apple iPhone. I’d describe us as Device Connoisseurs, we can appreciate a good device no matter the operating system or manufacturer. This year we got a late start compared to previous years and this […]

That time of year has come and gone, that would be the revealing of the new iPhone. Apple is on it’s 6th installment of the series. To my knowledge iPhone users are the only group that camp out all over the world for the first day release of the device. Some call it crazy, I […]

Damn Fam… today is the day I knew would happen at some point. In the midst of all of the Apple iPhone 6 and io8 talk, Apple did the slick move and removed the iPod Classic from it’s line-up. What in blue blazers??? The iPod Classic has a special place in my heart, while y’all […]

I think we need a pair of these for our next meal Moguls. Connecting wirelessly to a smartphone or desktop app, when the chopsticks come into contact with an oil or water that is in some way tainted, the app warns that the food is bad, and if no toxins or impurities are detected, the […]

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BATMAN Only in Japan can you drive down the street and see Batman dipping through on his Bat-cycle. Go Batman go!!!!!

  Apple TV is adding a little NFL to the line-up this month via an app. The channel will include content such as; Original Content Created for NFL Now: From the NFL Media studios inLos Angeles, NFL Now will create original content — news updates, shows, features, and more — designed specifically for digital platforms. Highlights of NFL Action: […]

After what seems like an eternity, Samsung is finally releasing a metal phone. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha will sport a metal case instead of the classic plastic design many of the Samsung phones have had in the past. This device has been rumored to be released with a 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 (that’s 720p) display […]

Trunk($20) is a new flexible way to charge your iPhone. The bendable cord will come in handy when you are using your gps while driving.   

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban explains why launching a tech startup no longer requires significant upfront investment.   Source

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