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We will be chatting with retired Green Bay Packer linebacker and Super Bowl XXXI champion George Koonce. George lets us in on his career and life after football.

We’ll there was some upsets over the course of the 1st week. I’ll chalk that up to teams were shaking the cobwebs out, I closed the week out with 9 wins an 6 losses. I’m looking to improve upon those numbers in the second week that’s upon us and with no further adieu I present […]

The first kickoff of the NFL season as come already, but we have finally arrived to the first Sunday of the season and I’ve made my game picks. Let’s see how I do!

Kanye West is winning in life if you ask me, he’s a top music producer, music artist, clothing designer, not to mention his wife is cream of the crop. Now I find out he has skills on the court, yep that’s right he’s a hooper. Coming from the Midwest there’s a lot of basketball going […]

Nothing says American motorcycle like Harley Davidson. Every year, over Labor Day weekend, in the motorcycle capital of the world a rally is held that brings bike lovers together from far and near to the place where it all began, Milwaukee, WI. This year was the 111th anniversary of the historic motorcycle company and I […]

Damnit there is a God!!!! Yep and every year around this time He/She smiles upon us common folks in the United States and blesses us with FOOTBALL!!!! Damn it feels good. It reminds me of playing football in the streets with my friends during those cool fall days after school. When we would play from […]

USA Basketball vs Turkey Full Highlights FIBA 2014 by RapHipHopExclusives I sure hope you are watching Team USA try to snag the gold medal. This is good basketball, especially if you are one of those cats who love to complain that the NBA only focuses on a handful of teams. Now you can see what […]

Everyone appreciates their vehicle for the purpose it serves and then there are the individuals who have a relationship with cars. The subculture of automobile enthusiast are in more like a relationship with their vehicles or can we say a marriage. From time to time we will cover some new and old vehicles or like […]

  So here we are less than a month away and Kevin Durant decides to take his ball and go home!! Durant is arguably the best player left standing on Team USA so this departure will hurt bad. Real bad.  And we are not surprised are we? With the recent season injury to Paul George, […]

Somewhere in the 80’s and early 90’s Kobe Bryant had his VCR on record mode. And he must have watched over and over again Michael Jordan games from sun down til sun up. And once daylight hit, he was on the court practicing. While AI was complaining about practice, Kobe Bryant was putting in work. And […]

The Redeem Team was something else, weren’t they?

  Apple TV is adding a little NFL to the line-up this month via an app. The channel will include content such as; Original Content Created for NFL Now: From the NFL Media studios inLos Angeles, NFL Now will create original content — news updates, shows, features, and more — designed specifically for digital platforms. Highlights of NFL Action: […]

If you have about an hour to spare, check out this video about LeBron James coming back home to Cleveland.

Haneef Munir gets his Air on by dunking over Bow Wow at the Air Jordan XX9 Release Event. Playboy has ups.

  Maverick Carter said that when it came to rejoining the Cavs, LeBron was his own man. “This was a decision that LeBron made in his heart,” Carter said. “We didn’t push him to do it. We don’t push him to do anything. If he asks our opinion or what did we think about the […]

Looks like the NFL Draft will hit the road next year, and LA and Chicago are the 2 finalist to host the event. “We’re focusing solely on Los Angeles and Chicago now,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday, speaking to reporters at the Beverly Hilton after participating on a CBS “Thursday Night Football” panel. New […]

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby break down LeBron James’s decision to head home, all the NBA free-agency news, and declare that Kevin Love will be traded to the Cavs. Visit Grantland: Grantland on Twitter: Grantland on Facebook: The B.S. Report Podcast:… Grantland Network Podcasts:

Pharrell Williams continues his winning streak by producing the upcoming 2K15 soundtrack. Pharrell will follow in the footsteps of Jay Z and LeBron James by serving as producer. “I had some people from my staff — they were all girls and women — and we just talked about it. I was like, ‘I have to […]

I fools with Directv, and the only reason is because I need Sunday Ticket in my life. Sunday is not a fun day if I can’t scroll thru umpteen games trying to figure out what is the best watch. But now it looks like you can stream the NFL Sunday Ticket without having Directv. However, […]

Dwyane Wade has decided to stay put with the Miami Heat. The star guard will sign a 2 year deal worth $34 million. Being that LeBron James only signed for 2 years also, could they have something planned 2016?

To me back in the day, Iron Mike Tyson was the GOAT. In his prime I felt that he could have knocked out an elephant in 96 seconds. So it is funny to hear him say that he doesn’t think he would be able to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in his prime if they were […]

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