Thank you to D Morales for her contribution, we will be sitting down with this lovely lady to do a Q&A.

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She-Moguls you can now look cool as you hit the slopes a few more times before the season comes to an end. And from the looks of it, these bad puppies will keep your head warm. Available at Luisaviaroma  

  If I told you once, I told you twice; Warby Parker is the answer for your opticals. I love a good pair of glasses, but I will be damned if I pay some of those outlandish prices. I love to style, don’t get it twisted. But some things you can cut corners on, and […]

A young skateboarder pushes his way into fame and fortune, then snorts his way into the gutter where he is chewed up and spit out the bottom of the porn industry… Blah, blah, blah. Starring Aaron Amerine, Jordan Hoffart and Destiny Papalia.

I love a good pair of sunnies, so that means I love 9five. I have a pair of their frames and I may have to add another one to my collection.

So sexy!!!

For $225 you can tell the movie ushers to keep their cheap 3D glasses! Look for these in December.

Playing with two tone mirrored effect lenses, (unnoticeable, once you’re actually seeing thru them), the Incognito Assemblé sunglasses from Maison Margiela are made by assembling two sorts of frames. Made in a collaboration between MMM and reputed italian company Marcolin, these line 8 hybrid shades pick up on the classic aviator style and are available […]

Was never known to put a pair of Vans on our feet. But these right here can get rocked with the right fit.

A good pair of sunnies you can wear all year long. Doesn’t matter on the temp. I remember sporting my shades in middle school during the winter. Other students laughed and looked at times, but I didn’t care. I was fresh! Plus the glare from the snow is killer in January. Cutler & Gross Gradient […]

It seems like glasses have taken on a life of their own. And the bigger they are the better they are. Even kids are jumping on the eyewear bandwagon by wearing glasses with no prescription and sometimes no glasses. So where can you snatch up a pair of Steve Urkels? How about Warby Parker […]

$320 (Luxist)

Gucci Open Toe Boot (R-A-W Shoe Blog)

Black Scale will drop their line of sunglasses “Shades of Black” at their store in San Francisco on Nov. 15. The glasses are a classic style with print on the inner arms. I love a good pair of Sunny’s. These glasses would be nice for one of those nice summer days sipping on something nice […]

It’s the Different World baby! Except it is 2009. Oliver People’s Spring 2010 Collection features the Riley glasses with flip-up shades! This classic look will definitely have you glasses wearers looking Fresh.

If you know me, you know I love a good pair of sunnys. So everytime I run across a nice collection, I always pass it on to my fellow Moguls. John Galliano has released a vintage sunglass collection for ladies and men. The first two style are”’Les Biches” for women and “Beau Regard” for the men. […]

If you know me, you know I love a mean hat, and a pair of slick sunnys. 9Five Eyewear shows off their holiday 2009/2010 collection. The styles in this collection is rather retro. They will have you looking like Uncle Junior from The Sopranos. But I love them, do you? If you are ready for […]

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