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Plan your menu each week and buy just enough groceries according to your plan.

Thank you R. McDonald checkout Cigar Damas

November is cigar tribute month: Fall is time for football, food, fireplaces and of course a good cigar. Here’s a few cigar tips for aficionados and beginners.  

Today’s Money Tip: Replace any inefficient lightbulbs with more efficient CFLs or LEDs.

A little later than the previous week on releasing my picks but better late then never. In my Luda voice “I’m in the numba 1 spot!”. Let’s hope my good fortune continue this even though I forgot my Thursday pick, but with no further a due here’s my week 9 picks.      

When you are shopping in the store, look for items in the lower shelves for better deals. Eye-level items are often more expensive.

Book your flights and hotels way in advance to get lower prices and better sections.

Guys when approaching a female there’s a proper way to do it. I’ve been removed from the game for awhile now but I guess guys have lost tact from what I’m seeing and hearing. Men think of it this way if you’re cat calling and yelling “yo’ Ma can I hit it?” Would you want […]

Check the Internet for printed coupons before going out shopping.

As I get older and now have a family I find it very important  to always know whats going on with my finances.  I will admit financial analytics intrigue me, I like to know how and why i’m broke.  Moguls seriously its very important to know where you stand so that no surprises arise without […]

Last night I got a chance to check out the Dynamic Duo of Meth & Red and lets just just say I underestimated their show. When I say they bring energy, thats even an understatement.  I was really considering not going and I am very glad I didn’t miss it.  When seeing them perform  it […]

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