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This video seems like a big bag of psychedelic. And if you are not careful just watching it will get you high as an eagle’s ass.

So WWIII is jumping off all around you. The sky is all purple and people are running everywhere. And all you can do is sit on your front porch with a glass of Ciroc Red Berry and watch how it all unfolds. During the madness you think of past loves, friends from long ago, places […]

Parliament – Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer

In order to satisfy my inner “hood n*gga” I listen to ridiculous amounts of trap/dopeboy music.  This new Yo Gotti remix of “Errrbody” featuring Lil Wayne and Ludacris is no exception.  It goes extra hard.  That is all. ps…..LUDA SNAPPED

One thing that’s holds UML together is the music Moguls. We live and breath for the music and it is about time we share it with you. If you have Spotify just press play and enjoy the dopeness. If you don’t have Spotify what are you waiting for?? Get it and enjoy the Daily Cool […]

Bobby Byrd – I know You Got Soul

  Aretha Franklin – How I Got Over

Well fresh off the Aahh! concert in Chicago this past Sunday is a remix by Common featuring Vince Staples and Jay Electronica. And while listening to it all I can do is shake my damn head!!!!! Will Jay Electronica ever drop a collection of new music at once in a project form. Or do we […]

Kendrick Lamars new single, “I”, is a little pop (ish) but that’s expected when you sample “That Lady” from the Isley Brothers for the 800th time.  I can’t complain though.  It’s his first single since 2012.  Take a listen below and let us know what you think.

Though my weekend was mad busy I still found time to ramble through my blogs of choice for some new music.  Nothing was sticking until….I came across that new joint by 2 Chainz featuring Young Thug called “Dresser/Lil Boy”.  It goes pretty hard.  So hard; I was sneaking listens all weekend whenever my lady-friend wasn’t […]

Carl Bradney – Slipping Into Darkness

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