Mogul of the Week

How many of you Moguls love making your own beer. Well Mike Brenner took that love for brewing and opened up the Brenner Brewing Company located in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. Not only is the Brenner Brewing Company a micro brewery, but the space also houses an art gallery and host tours and local events. Recently […]

Recently UML got the chance to sit down and chat with Dr. George E. Koonce Jr. We see that you have been keeping busy since retirement. Let’s start out by asking who was your favorite football player growing up? GK: Reggie White. He was my favorite player growing up. How ironic was it that I […]

Recently UML got the chance to sit down and chat with Atlanta based actor Darius Bailey. In checking out your bio, we see that you were formally in the military, how does one make the transition from the Marine Corp to the world of stage and film? DB: The transition was simple. Leaving the marine […]

Naturally beautiful Moguls Sasha Ricketts and Natasha Dunn talk about their journey to making ‘I Love Afro’ a thriving business. Click the image for the full story…

This happens to be Black Blogger Month over at Black Enterprise Magazine. During a quick glance this morning, I ran across an article on Ms. Patrice Yursik, founder of, a site that caters to sisters and their natural hair. I found her blog a few months ago and intended to try to get an […]

Every party needs a driving force at the center.  That force must have endless vision,  dynamic personality, and unmistakable style.   Without it, it’s just another date on somebody’s calendar, with it….it’s an event that no one wants to miss!  The Milwaukee, WI/Charlotte, N.C. based event planning company, The Socialistas…are that force. The dynamic duo […]

Although there have been some changes in the media with regard to the “standard of beauty” and the inclusion of brown-skinned beauties, the issue of hair still appears to be one-note, B-flat. Mainstream media promotes long, straight or wavy hair, achieved either naturally or with some help (read: lace front wigs, faux ponytails, tracks…weave!). There […]

As some of you may know starting a business is hard work, especially clothing lines. With so many brands on the racks and online it is hard to make your Fresh stand out from the rest. Entrepreneurs have to walk a fine line deciding how they will follow recent trends but yet stay ahead of […]

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