This is for the Star Wars lovers in you. Why not show your love with C-3PO and R2-D2 rings? I guarantee you will be the only couple in your circle with these rings.


Creativity and jewelry go hand in hand. A jeweler from takes time to craft a piece from the inspiration around them, with hopes that the art will translate the same beauty to the buyer as it did to the creator. However, as with all artist it is a process to get the art to […]

When I first pulled this off the Web, the first thing that caught my eye was the silver bracelet fashioned into a bird’s talon. The bracelet can be found on-line relatively easily by searching the keyword: talon bracelet. A number of vendor’s carr it ranging from $16.00 -$100.00+. It varies depending on whether you want real silver […]


Do you have $10 million to spend on a diamond? And if you did have that much money would you want to spend it on a diamond? Well an anonymous buyer decided that $10 million was chump change and went and copped the pear-shaped yellow diamond. The diamond weighs 110.03 carat and has a purity […]

  Wild accusations against Jim’s manager Yandy for orchestrating also caused mountains of chatter. However, everything seemed to be just hearsay until Capo opened up to Hot97′s Miss Info. Read his official statement below.  

Pac’s Death Row Record chain is being sold on Ebay. Which coincides with the 15th anniversary of the Rappers death, on September 13. Photos show a medallion in the shape of the famous West Coast record label’s logo. The pendant is made of 14K gold, with inset diamonds filling the lettering and emblem. A link […]

The price of gold is through the roof these days. So many jewelry conscious individuals are looking for other ways to display their cool. Lucky for you, Chrome Hearts has come out with a rhodium collection. And we aren’t sure about the price, but it isn’t $1,700 per ounce, we know that damn much!!

They’re lightweight, have a wonderful, natural aroma, look like a million bucks, and come with my personal endorsement…enjoy Moguls…

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Yall Can’t tell him nothin!!!! The watch, which reportedly set ‘Ye back $180,000, is encrusted with 8 karats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds in the shape of his own face (with glasses!). According to reports, watchmaker Tiret took over 5 months to create the dial of the watch itself, which is made of a gold colored […]

Few NBA players have been as committed to charity over the past year than Ron Artest. The former bad The former bad boy and current goofball, most recently seen bounding into the Miami Heat bench during Saturday’s game, has devoted much of his time to raising money for mental health awareness, specifically to get more […]

What’s better than being “Mogul-Fresh as Hell“ and politically correct? Not much. Thanks to the creative minds and Green Hearts of the of the people over at Wood-Rings.Com, you can own an exquisitely unique piece of quality jewelry and help the planet at the same time. Through a partnership with American Forests, a tree is […]

 667Share The world’s most expensive phone was made by British jeweler Stuart Hughes and contains 500 individual flawless diamonds, totaling more than 100 carats.  The Apple logo on the rear of the device was formed using rose gold and the main navigation was made from platinum and holds a single cut 7.4 karat pink diamond. […]

  Nick Cannon hooked his Boo with some candy bling for their 2 year anniversary. The Ring Pop designed by Jason of Beverly Hills jewelers. See I guess this is how you live that Mogul Life ladies and gentlemen!

Core Jewels has released its Winter 2009 Collection. The timeless pieces feature a black finish that guarantees a nice classic finishing touch to your daily fresh! The jewelz can be copped at hnyee.Store.

Bracelet $1500 Charm $750

The Kardashian sisters will release their own jewelry collection next spring. Kim Kardashian posted details on her blog. I am sooo excited to tell you guys about our jewelry collection! Kourt, Khloe and I have designed our own collection for Virgins Saints and Angels. The collection embraces our unique style…. Romantic, edgy, and classic vintage… […]

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