That came out wrong.  I mean rappers I’ve photographed.  I’ve had the distinct pleasure of photographing some of my favorite performers/rappers over the past few years.  Since no one really cares but me, I thought I’d use the site as a way to force-feed it into your eyeballs.  I’m not the best photographer but I […]

Some things…you just do for yourself. And it’s UML Orange…

Greetings Moguls!! In my absence I failed to keep everyone abreast of one of my favs. I know it says FALL 2011, but you know just like I do that timeless style can transcend a season…enjoy!

I know the Louie Vuitton Don has at least one of these in his crib!!   Celebrating a century of its small leather goods collection, Louis Vuitton transformed a Paris taxidermy store Deyrolle into a showcase of its leather goods. Well, not a simple showcase, they got British artist Billie Achilleos working on those bags […]

Designer Rikke Hagen explains the idea behind the Cognac glasses: “I wanted to craft a cognac glass. The perfect gift to the man, who has everything. The inspiration springs from my own perception of when you drink a cognac; that is when you have time and in calm surroundings. I wanted the glass to give […]

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Kanye has decided to release a line of designer scarves with designs inspired by his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He will release five editions of 100, each depicting various designs of artist George Condo, who designed West’s controversial album cover. Each design will reference the 5 various themes from the album: Power, Phoenix, […]

If you ever wondered how revered Ali was as The Heavyweight Champ…this should give you some idea…

I’ve packed this bag many times… 😉

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis had a mean 2step but here are a few notable quotables on their experience with steppin outside their dynamic duo … Ossie: “It occurred to us, from observation and reasoning, that extramarital sex was not what really destroyed marriages, but rather the lies and deception that invariably accompanied it — that was […]

I don’t know the creator of this piece of artwork, so if you do, please speak up. But in an American era where the gap between the haves and have-nots is ever-widening, and the concept of the American Dream seems to elude more and more Americans….it seemed a fitting post. The artist depicts two men […]

I know enough about women’s shoes to know that Rodarte boasts some of the most imaginative designs around. Can you imagine strolling into a dimly lit night spot rockin’ these….eyes will follow your moves all night long!! Or better yet…can you imagine a Sexy game of Mogul Hide And Seek in the dark…after you leave […]

This Pimpalicious Living thing is still a little new to me…but I’ve checked around and I’m definitely feelin’ the concept.  They teamed up with New Era back in September to produce a limited edition cap (144 pieces worldwide). Forgive me for the tardy…but Fresh is Fresh! Good luck finding one… 😉 More from PL later […]

The holiday season just isn’t the holiday season with out a few bottles poppin’…or at least they say.  Not a huge fan of liquor with bubbles in it myself, Moet‘s new limited edition 1743 Moet & Chandon Golden Jeroboam Champagne features a bottle wrapped in pure gold leaf!  Set to be available on October 4th, […]

The Android Tablet and Blackberry’s new device hope to challenge the iPad market.  Learn about both here: Dude’s a lame, but you get the picture…

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