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Minority owners of the NFL Miami Dolphins Serena and Venus Williams shown below. No matter the ownership percentage they can still say we own a part of a professional football team.

Being proactive and getting my picks done early to help our good Moguls out. Well let’s just say the season isn’t going exactly how I want, but with a overall record of 36 wins and 26 losses I’m holding down third place like a boss and only 9 points out of first place. There’s a […]

I thought week two was rough, well damn week 3 threw me a Tyson right hook. I have a overall record of 26 wins and 23 fatalities so far. If I’ve learned learned anything from playing and coaching football is that the season is a marathon and not a sprint. I will keep my head […]

We will be chatting with retired Green Bay Packer linebacker and Super Bowl XXXI champion George Koonce. George lets us in on his career and life after football.

The first kickoff of the NFL season as come already, but we have finally arrived to the first Sunday of the season and I’ve made my game picks. Let’s see how I do!

The start of a good night sometimes depends in the cards you are dealt…. Moguls admit it, sometimes you don’t know when to fold them, don’t know when to walk away, and damn sure don’t know when to run. Every man needs a card up his sleeve to help him smooth the whole situation out, […]

  Your boy Jay-Z has his hands in everything still. The rap Mogul will serve as executive producer for NBA 2K13. The game hits stores Oct. 2nd.

Do you have $12,000 to spend on a chess set? If you do this is probably the set for you. A special hand-crafted set that displays famous African-Americans from yesterday and today. Lisa Matthews handcrafted this remarkable chess board that features┬ásome of the most profound figures in Black history on a chess set. This particular […]

  This is the perfect way to have a chess game going without it being in the way. Buy

This set even comes with its own scoring card!! This is a great way to play someone for lunch!! $5.99

I must admit, I was a die-hard NBA Live fan one point in my life. But somewhere along the way, the game got lame and my full time attention turned to Madden. So I missed the NBA 2K take-over. But from the looks of this trailer, I will be snatching this game up come Oct. […]

If you have $10,000 you too can get your hands on this chess set. Now for ten of those thangs I would expect this set to do holographics and all, but hey a lil ceramic can be just as nice right? Kiki de Montparnasse and aruliden have collaborated in the creation of a uniquely luxurious […]

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There hasn’t been a new gaming console since the launch of the Wii and PlayStation 3 in November 2006. However, Microsoft has breathed new life into its console, the Xbox 360, thanks to the Kinect. The Wii, which has been best the best-selling console for years, is about to lose its first place position. While […]

  This could be a fantastic game to play after a few rounds of Three Olives. Fort Standard has created hand-crafted Balancing Blocks for $70 per set. Yeah it is a bit pricey, but you can step your Jenga game up with this!!

  Price: $2800 The price is a lil hefty, but so are good tables!!!  

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