Recently UML got the chance to sit down and chat with Mike Uhren. We came across Mike’s work a while ago, browsing the social interweb, his work captures a great past time and makes it timeless. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I appreciate that you enjoy […]

    No matter what you may think about guns, they are here to stay. Some of us now have the dilemma on where to store the gats? Hiding a gun in a locked closet may hamper an owner from getting to it in a time of need. And if you have kids in the […]

This is the perfect chair to have in your weekend getaway crib. You can chill like you are in your very own bird’s nest!! And to tell you the truth, the chair actually looks comfy!

Baita Design

With a name like Papa Bear Loveseat, it has to be Cool!!!   $3,600

OK where would this go??  

Just to remind you that Real Moguls can live it up anywhere ūüėČ

¬† Now this looks like the way to spend a long summer’s day, if it ever gets here. The Siesta Bench by Emanuele Magini.

For you Moguls with a small living space, this island is for you. You can store and wash dishes in this joint.

Now this is a nice table/bookcase. However if you want to style like this, it will set you back $1,800. Pretty steep no lie, but hey sometimes it cost to be the boss!! Like Cool

Your home should first cater to you…then to those you wish to share it with. Whether your single and entertain friends, or you have a family at home, a backyard like this has nothing but positives; and can be duplicated for less than you think. Enjoy The Mogul Life!

I am a homebody. I understand that and I embrace it. And that is why I make sure Ocean Manor has all the toys and electronics I need to not only satisfy myself, but to also make sure my guest enjoy their experience. And with this Urban Zen collection from Donna Karan, not only will […]

Me neither. I actually can say I never saw one of the movies; but if you never saw it, you can’t miss it. Right? Well if you or that little special kid in your home wants to live like Pirates of the Caribbean, you can place your order here.

This is an interesting concept for your Mogul-Manor. Wet-tar looking furniture. Art nouveau meets contemporary production with a new set of chairs and stools by modern designer Michael Stolworthy. ¬†Elegant and organic, formidable and whimsical, they offer not only a place to rest, but an opportunity to reflect. ¬†Contemplative¬†pieces like dripping tar that welcome a […]

Cubix Lamp ($70)

Don Vino Wine Table $2,400.00 The Don Vino wine table is a Chicone Cabinetmakers original design, inspired by the oak barrels that line the cellars of regional wineries. It not only offers contemporary styling but also a tasteful showcase for your wine collection. The wine table pictured here stands 21 inches tall with a 33 […]

  Price: $2800 The price is a lil hefty, but so are good tables!!!  

While people in my city is preparing for the snow storm of all snow storms, I am having visions of summer. And what better way to chill in your yard with a big glass of something, and a fat cigar of something else than on a bamboo bench? Selectism

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