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If I had seen these back in the day….my walls would’ve been covered with them. Pure Classic!

  Bill Murray looks like FDR in this still picture from the movie Hyde Park On Hudson.

MANIAC is a short film inspired by the song. It is not a music video and it has no reference to the song content. It will be scored by Dot and I as a film with all new music. Directed By Shia LaBeouf for Grassy Slope and Ragin4Dayz Productions.

Props to North Carolina Producer 9th Wonder for allowing us to spend some time with him last week as he spoke to students at Columbia College in Chicago. This guy has so much knowledge in music, clearly he has become one of the most influential artists in Hip Hop. He spoke on a variety of […]

In 1991, director John Singleton created Boyz N The Hood, one of the most influential hood movies ever made. And now, there‚Äôs talk of him directing an N.W.A. biopic. Boyz N The Hood starred N.W.A. rapper Ice Cube. Singleton is teaming up with the Compton native again for the proposed biopic of the seminal gangsta […]

Here is a remedy for bullying…available in stores soon!

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