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I know enough about women’s shoes to know that Rodarte boasts some of the most imaginative designs around. Can you imagine strolling into a dimly lit night spot rockin’ these….eyes will follow your moves all night long!! Or better yet…can you imagine a Sexy game of Mogul Hide And Seek in the dark…after you leave […]

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The beautiful 24 yr old child star turned media mogul is being featured in the October edition of Kontrol Magazine. Rumor is she’ll be showing off her “new body”. Just between you and me…I saw nothing wrong with the old one! A little well-kept thickness can be a good thing ūüėČ

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Welcome to the New Age of fashion shows…this is HOT! Related Articles Ralph Lauren 4D Experience ( Ralph Lauren Unleashed His Lasers ( Ralph Lauren’s Runway Show Projection Mapping (

This Pimpalicious Living thing is still a little new to me…but I’ve checked around and I’m definitely feelin’ the concept. ¬†They teamed up with New Era back in September to produce a limited edition cap (144 pieces worldwide). Forgive me for the tardy…but Fresh is Fresh! Good luck finding one… ūüėČ More from PL later […]

Here is a look at Streetammo Fall Collection.

Amy Winehouse¬†has teamed up with Fred Perry to create some casual digs for the She-Mogul. These pieces aren’t breath-taking but there are a few nice ones in the collection. The collection is available here.

¬†667Share The world‚Äôs most expensive phone was made by British jeweler Stuart Hughes and contains 500 individual flawless diamonds, totaling more than 100 carats.¬† The Apple logo on the rear of the device was formed using rose gold and the main navigation was made from platinum and holds a single cut 7.4 karat pink diamond. […]

Sean P Diddy Combs has certainly made his mark in Hip Hop and¬†in the world of fashion with his popular clothing line Sean John. From jeans and t-shirts to velour suits, Combs has¬†banked approximately $500 million in sales to date. In 2009, he proved to be business savvy by partnering with the Home Shopping Network. […]

The high-end fashion industry is full of glamor, beauty, and creative minds looking to leave their mark in a world dominated by names and labels. ¬†MAX AZRIA…is one of those names. ¬†Azria’s BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP is a global fashion house featuring brands that have been worn by some of the most fashion conscious and visible women in […]

Michael Bastian seems to understand the Mogul Life…

¬† Jennifer Lopez has completed her¬†deal with American Idol and signed a $12 million deal. Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez initially asked for $15 million to join the panel of judges on American Idol. It was also rumored that Jennifer Lopez wanted a motion picture deal and television pilots that were all refused. reported on the […]

London Fog decided to spice up their newest campaign with one of the media’s most celebrated “faces”. ¬†Check out the new ads. ¬†I left out a couple, but I think you get the idea. ¬†More pics after the jump… ūüėČ

Alexander Wang has chosen the beautiful Zoe Kravitz as the face of his new line, “T”. ¬†Tell us what you think Moguls.. More pics after the jump…

A new line of NFL themed purses and handbags should give the “Sports Minded She-Mogul” something to cheer about! ¬†If nothing else, you’ll score major points with the He-Mogul in your life rockin’ one of these on football Sunday ūüėČ Pick one from your favorite team…or his.

A pair of sturdy, but stylish Dunhill boots following the “Military’ trend of the 2010 Fall/Winter season. ¬†Note the zip/lace up closure. ¬†Everything a Mogul needs to “stomp the Urban Jungle“: A Do-Eerything mole-skin colored two piece ensemble from Prada…the three button jacket, versatile styling, and all purpose color puts this right up I.B.‘s alley:

I feel Diddy’s point…….

Summer is for all things that flow…sun dresses, smooth music, chilled drinks, iced tea…and Linen. ¬†Any Mogul that wants to be taken seriously should have a linen corner in his/her closet. ¬†You don’t have to have a lot, but what you have should be extremely functional and always be “ready to wear” . In my […]

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