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So it looks like we are getting the NWA flick. After years of being talked about and talked about some more the trailer for the Niggas you love to hate dropped this past weekend. And from the looks of it, the F. Gary Gray movie looks like it will deliver. I do have one question after […]

This morning we received the link to UnFi Records new release from Raplords SPEAK Easy, Dana Coppafeel, DJ Mammyth ft. El Shareef entitled “Ain’t Got”. Sitback and enjoy this smoove track. Click link and listen Ain’t Got

  Last night I watched the Super Bowl from the comfort of my own couch. I had options to utilize instead of crashing on my comfy cozy couch, like our UML Super Bowl Party for starters. But instead I let Poindexter and SPEAK Easy hold it down and I chilled with the wifey and watched lame commercial […]


In my humble opinion Only Built For Cuban Linx is the BEST Wu-Tang effort ever released, solo and group. So when it was announced that Raekwon will release a documentary to commemorate the 20th anniversary of that classic, I was like “yep!” It is only right to break down Only Built For Cuban Linx documentary style, especially after Nas […]


Lupe Fiasco brings his freestyle skills to Sway In The Morning. And unlike some rappers, you can tell he was truly freestyling.

I sit and really ponder, there’s so many people who claim to be so called music heads and their POV on music baffles me. This is probably directed more towards those in my generations. I’ll admit I’m not satisfied with the current state of the music industry, but I’m tired of those stuck back in […]

  I swear Kevin Hart is the James Brown of comedians. These dude is everywhere. Here he is on the cover of Hollywood Reporter talking about how he is happy I suppose. And here he is on the Good Morning America with Josh Gad discussing The Wedding Ringer. And if that is not enough for […]

I guess everybody plays a fool once in their life if they are lucky enough, and on All The Way Round Marvin Gaye played the fool for our enjoyment. This song is not your average one in a million love song about a boy and his girl. In fact, this song is a rarity due […]


  For about the last 2 months Kendrick Lamar has been doing the promotional rounds stoppping at radio stations, doing talk shows, and magazines. But we still have not heard anything about an album being released. We don’t know the name, the features, or a date. Is he planning on dropping a surprise album on […]



So after months and months of promotion Fox premiered the Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson show Empire, and of course I had to watch it. For the most part it was an entertaining show, not in a good I must rush home to watch it, but more in a let me dvr about 8 episodes and […]

Well Moguls and Mogettes, everyone’s favorite TV mom has spoken and she is not buying the bull that people are selling. Phylicia Rashad feels that media is out to get Bill Cosby. She questions the validity of the claims from numerous women who say Cosby sexually assaulted them. Hmmmm…. “Forget these women,” she said. “What […]


  Ever since Black Messiah dropped I have been on a funk kick. So this D’Angelo set from AfroPunk is just what the Funk Doctor ordered. D’Angelo & The Roots August 23, 2014 Brooklyn, NY @ Afropunk Festival Intro (inc. Third Stone From The Sun tease) > Miss Lucifer’s Love [Funkadelic cover] > Machine Gun […]


Everybody knows I have some strange tastes.  This list encompasses that with the hopes that you find something new to enjoy if you haven’t already indulged.  I can’t say the rest of the MOGULS will agree but hey….I don’t really care. Without further ado, here are my top hip hop picks from last year.   Jank’s […]

Phonte speaks with STASHED and about half way through the interview PRhyme stops through and chops it up. So it is almost like we get a double feature for the price of one.

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