By now if you have any ounce of cool in your blood you have seen The Force Awakens. Now you can take that cute little BB-8 home with you in the form of ice. For $14 you can impress your guest with a little bit of frozen cool. Buy

Moguls everywhere like a good drink, don’t we? Well what better way to smooth out your whiskey than with a Death Star Ice Sphere? If that sounds like something the man in your life would like why not make his day? Shop

Irish Manhattan Today as you toast the day away take time and mix up a few of these drinks. Jameson Old Fashion Chocotini Link

November is cigar tribute month: Fall is time for football, food, fireplaces and of course a good cigar. Here’s a few cigar tips for aficionados and beginners.  

As I’ve aged a bit, I have embraced new things. Over the past 10 years I have learned to enjoy the peacefulness that a good cigar and a glass of bourbon on the rocks provide. Whats even better is that I can enjoy them with the love of my life, my spouse that is. When […]

I love vodka and I am developing an appreciation for cognac. So what could be better than a vodka x cognac hybrid? Grey Goose has released a vx version of it’s brand that is basically a vodka with a hint of cognac. Mike Birch, managing director of Bacardi global travel retail, said: “This really is… […]

So for every next big thing you must take a first step, and BuenQuito is doing just that. The upstart company is hoping to bringing a new liqueur to the market. The liqueur is a premium rum based drink that can be served in a few ways. From pouring a few shots in your coffee to preparing […]

  Forget aging a wine when you can drink a beer that goes back to the days of B.C. Egtved Girl’s Brew is based on an ancient Bronze Age recipe that will probably leave you feeling some type a way once you finish. And for only $4 bucks….. who could pass this up? It has to be […]

If you like chocolate and you enjoy a good glass of rum, why not combine the two? For $31 you can kill two birds with one sip.

Nas recently took time to visit Hennessy in Cognac, France. It seems that Life Is Good!!

  Do you want to sip with the stars? A California winery is bringing Star Trek to your wine glasses with the release of Star Trek The WIne. Each bottle will set you back $24.99, and you can order at Vinport.com.

  What goes better with the summer sun than bikinis? How about beer? And if you could combine the two without getting accused of cheating what would you do? Try a bikini beer glass? If this sounds like hot fun in the summer, snatch up a pair of mugs for $40.

  Don’t know about you Moguls, but I don’t think I want blueberry pancake liqueur. But I may be on the late ship. If that sounds like your speed Mama Walker may have the flavor for you. You can sip on either bacon, donuts, or pancakes!

Danny P. told you about 1000 Posts ago that Moguls don’t show up to a party empty handed. Now I’m here to tell you…that they don’t carry their Party Juice in a brown paper bag. Walking in with a bottle, no matter how expensive or well chosen, in a brown paper bag says “I’m here and […]

I’m a coffee guy myself, but at one point I did indulge in enough tea to learn that it’s a very Real Science. Everything from stress to libido can be effected by the right mix of herbs and leaves. So even though I wake with a fresh cup of Joe….I make it a point to keep […]

Brilliant yellow diamond in color, this voluptuous ‘Super White’ offers enticing aromas of pears and apricots with subtle floral notes. It is rich and flavorful on the palate, with a long finish. Let me know what you think…

Absolut is introducing the world to a sparkling vodka wine, and as much as I love vodka I am not sure about this one. Absolut Tune will run about $30 a bottle. Would you clink glasses to this?

Would you like to drink some spirits that dripped off a lady’s body? Well now you are in luck Moguls. G-Spirits is selling a limited edition rum, vodka, and whiskey that has been poured over the chest of one of three models. If this your kinky pleasure you can drop $150 and the nipple juice […]

This is a hot design by French industrial designer Petit Romain. Not sure if this will hit stores anytime soon.

This would be a welcome addition to any Mogul’s home bar. The mason jar cocktail shaker takes us back to sitting on our kin folks porch down in the country drinking lemonade. Now you can shake some Bacardi Limon with your lemonade to set the late summer party off the hook. If you want one […]

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