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  …….Danny P Ocean (and the P stands for Poitier). I am the director of Food and Beverage here at UrbanMogulLife. I enjoy summer nights in New Orleans with a jug of that hurricane, but you can call it slurricane. Ya dig? I am hip-hop, I am class, I am Mogul, I am a gentleman, […]

Ain’t nothing like the old thing baby….. ain’t nothing like the old thing…… sang it darling……. ain’t nothing like….. This is a throwback for the Moguls who have been down since Day 1. If you were with us when we training wheels on the thing, you will instantly recognize this look. This was how UML […]

I could care less about what happens in celebrity households honestly. Half the time I have my own nonsense to deal with. But with the drama that popped off this weekend with Chad Johnson, I felt the need to say a thing or two. Well actually one…. Don’t marry a drama queen/king Moguls!! It usually […]

Let me make this clear off top…. I am not an Eric Benet fan. Nothing against dude at all, but he just ain’t what I would pop in when it is chill time with my lady friend. It could be possible that my lack of interest goes back to the fact that the homie used […]

I recently took in The Dark Knight Rises as hundreds of thousands other Americans did this past weekend. And while it was a fantastic flick it got me to thinking about how time flies when you are waiting for a trilogy to finish. The Dark Knight trilogy started way back in 2005, seems like a […]

Simple as this…. Moguls don’t make sex tapes. Or take naked pictures to email someone for that matter. Moguls understand that nothing good can come from this practice.

I am not much of a dark liquor fan but I can’t say that I’ve never had wine baskets delivered to my close friends. I can tolerate it, but it definitely isn’t my beverage of choice when I am out and about. If it is up to me, pour me a glass of vodka on […]

If a Mogul is in the company of others at a dinner, bar, living room, etc. they should not spend the entire night checking their phone. No playing Angry Birds, no updating Facebook, no sending instagrams. In fact your phone should be in your pocket more than in your hand.

No matter how hype the party is, a Mogul should never dance with his hands above his head.

Moguls don’t take part in gossiping no matter how juicy the story is. If gossip is going on around him/her it is wise to remain silent, or smoothly change the subject. Nothing good comes out of gossiping.

This album has to be one of the greatest pieces of art that Danny P has ever laid ears upon. I remember the scene like it was yesterday. Hitting up The Exclusive Company at midnight to pick-up ATLiens and New Edition’s Home Again (huge NE fan, but that is another post). Anywho, I got home […]

One taste I have acquired over the last few years is the taste for good writing instruments; pens. I received my first real pen about 10 years ago as a gift. And from that point there was no looking back. I let the masses have there bics, while I pull out the finer joints. I […]

This past weekend was an eye-opening experience; why the f#$k am I still buying Air Jordans? The stress I encountered trying to secure a pair of my Holy Grails was something that I should never have experienced. I mean all of this for a pair of sneakers? Really? Who still does this? Not Danny P? […]

Ain’t no half stepping…… Cause I’m the Big Daddy Kane   To me Big Daddy Kane was much more than a rapper. He was a way of life, especially for a young  cat like myself growing up in the late 80’s. I was unfortunate or fortunate (depending on when you ask me) to not really […]

I am a sucker for a beautiful lady. Ever since I was a young lad, I had a thing for beautiful ladies. Wether it was the girl down the street or pretty pig tailed girl sitting behind me in class, if she was good looking she had my undivided attention. Some dudes with low self […]

How much Baggage is enough? It’s interesting when you first meet a young lady and the spirits are pouring, sparks flying high, and just good old fashion fun. After a while being a Mogul can take a toll on you because you are automatically categorized. With this being said, you have went on countless outings [...]

I know some of you out there is beginning to wonder what is up with UML? No new post, no videos, no Daily Jewelz, no new Fresh, no new anything. And all I can say to that is No Shit!!! I have undoubtedly slowed my posting from a creep to straight chill mode. The last […]

Ok, you the Louie Vuitton Don! Can probably have the baddest model,chick, hoodrat, queen, girl next door, whatever you want. The choice is yours. Why would you get caught out there simpin? Yeah Amber Rose was your girl, we know that. And you just may love her, no problem there. BUT you know she with […]

1. Welcome To The Darkside (Feat. French Montana) 2. Dopeman (Feat. Jadakiss & Dre of Cool & Dre) 3. So Fly (Feat. Arland) 4. Big Business 5. Angels Say 6. Pushing Keys (Feat. Raekwon) 7. Drop A Body 8. My Lord 9. F**k Them Other Niggas 10. Around The World (Feat. Arland) Download

And baby, don’t forget the pumps!!! -Mike Biv. The only thing better than a woman in a mean pair of shoes, is a beautiful woman in a mean pair of shoes. As far as I am concerned, a lady that has on a nice shoe can go from 0-7.5 just by the shoe alone! I’ll […]

For you Moguls that need to learn about what you wearing, check out Put This On. The latest episode entitled Tradition, features Jay Walter, head of Made-to-Measure at J.Press, and acclaimed fashion designer Thom Browne. This is definitly for the grown man who knows not to sag his pants!!

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