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Well Moguls, my time as a single man is pretty much about done. Kaput. Finito. Wrapped with a bow. And that is a good thing. This process has been short in time but long in stress. I have seen my pretty much cool fiance slowly crack as the day gets closer and closer. I guess […]

*The opinions expressed in this article does not reflect the opinions of UML* This morning I woke up to my newsfeed humming about how St. Louis was off the chain. I quickly fired up the laptop and saw exclusive footage, however they could have shown me footage from 1992 or 1967 or 1965 it all […]

This had to be the most blasphemous 30 minutes that I have ever spent in my life. I tuned in hoping that Aaron McGruder would deliver on the project that he spoke about for a minute. But man…. after watching episode 1 I feel that I need to bathe in Lake Michigan with John The […]

Moguls as of today I have 9 days before I jump the broom. My fiancé and I have met with the Reverend, picked out the cake, and went over the guest list 20-eleven times. So I guess it is safe to say, we are getting married. Over the course of six months one question has […]

So you proposed now what? Don’t sweat it Moguls we have you covered from A to Z. Propose Make announcements- This is when you tell all your friends. Make a post on Facebook, Instagram, local newspaper, blog, or even make a Tweet. Whatever you do tell your friends. HOWEVER, some people you should inform personally; […]

When I was growing up I was taught to respect women and never under any circumstances should I hit them. And I lived by that rule. For my decades of existence I can honestly say I never struck a lady. I may have been provoked a few times, and I may have been in the […]

Well Moguls, summer is quickly coming to a conclusion. In fact we wait all year for this season and it seems to only last for two weeks, a weekend if you live in the mid-west. So what is a Mogul to do? Live out these dog days as if it will wrap up in 24 […]

  Ladies and Gentlemen the day has come and passed for wedding invites to RSVP, and I couldn’t be happier. This wedding thing has become a little more stress inducing than I ever could have thought. When I popped the big question I had thoughts of partying the night away with a few hundred of […]

In about 30 days your boy Danny P (The P stands for Poitier) Ocean will be jumping the broom!! Who woulda thunk? Not I. I took pride for years in the fact that I was the last of the playboys. While all my friends fell off one by one like roaches getting sprayed with Raid, […]

  Summer time brings about sunshine, fresh breezes, bbq’s, and weddings. 9.99999999 times out of 10 you are going to the wedding, but every once and again you just might be on the end of planning one of these jokers. For those who planned one before, this post is not for you. For those poor […]

I usually don’t get phased by foolishness. You know there are just too many issues happening these days for me to be able to give all my f#cks to. But today I was reminded just how crazy and desensitized we have become to sit back and cosign this foolery… Happy Father’s Day….. Momma!!! Now this […]

Well Moguls NFL season is in full swing, and by now unless you are a loner you should have been to a party or two. I have. And like clockwork I’m always reminded on what I need not do while attending these get togethers. And for your reading pleasure I have provided you with 5 […]

When you think about mobile games, the BlackBerry OS doesn’t immediately come to mind. However, BlackBerry has been making a ton of changes to bring themselves into the modern day smartphone world, and BlackBerry OS 10 provides a platform that mobile game developers want to be on. The game library for the latest version of […]

I missed the MTV VMA’s last night, not sure what I was watching exactly. But knowing the history of the VMA’s as of late, I didn’t miss anything. However, last night my RSS feed, Facebook, and Twitter was blowing up about the Miley Cyrus performance. Even the local morning news show chimed in on how […]

  We here at Urban Mogul Life have been at this thing for over 4 years now, and by far our most famous post is the one about Illuminati. It was a nice Boondocks style article that mocked the current state in Hip Hop where some of us felt every rapper making more than $100 […]

The Summer and I have at least one thing in common; we both love Hip Hop. In fact you can’t have a summer without Hip Hop.  They go together like catfish and grits, white tees and Air Force 1’s, you know Ashford and Simpson. As far as I can recall Hip Hop has been a […]

Small bottles will do–  Believe it or not my Moguls, cologne gets stale. It only stays fresh for about a year. After that you should toss it out. So unless you like to wear the same scent daily, you should skip the large bottles. Most likely you won’t get through the bottle anyway. Keep it simple– Unless […]

  As you all know Jay-Z, Hova, Lucky Lefty, The Black Branch Rickey has some new music coming out, and the whole world is holding it’s collective breath. But I know some of us are wondering “will it be good?” Well instead of wondering I am telling you why it needs to hit!!! Hov needs […]

  25 years ago on June 20th, New Edition and Bobby Brown both released albums that helped shape the next 5 years in music, and arguably the next 20 or so years. In fact these two albums are the plates that music acts still eat off of. Ask Usher, Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, […]

I was reluctant to post on Urban Mogul Life about Ray J and his shinanagins, but why not? The lil dude is tripping to the 3rd degree with this wack song, and now he has the matching video to go along with it. And as I watched the cheesy smiles he gives the camera in […]

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