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When a Mogul arrives at his favorite spot, and the spot is called T’s Puzzles (Don’t wanna give out free pub), and the time is 12:34 am, and he is with 11 of his closest friends, and he is dressed in his normal, midnight blue suit, orange pocket square, white shirt, and black shoes (because […]

The other night as I sat in the bed with my wife and watched the press conference, conducted by Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch, I had a feeling that when ole boy finished I would have the pissed off face. As Mr. McCulloch began his soliloquy I could tell that all he was doing was trying to […]

Last week I did a post on the greatest runs of classic albums. In this feature Classic Album Series, I will take a look at each of those albums in depth. Sharing my thoughts on why I feel each album is a classic. First up this week is Marvin Gaye – I Want You. Black […]

Saturday night while I chilled at an art show at Alpha Bang, the r&b community was up in arms at the debacle of a movie presented by Lifetime. The movie as I am sure you know is the biopic on Aaliyah. I knew the movie was coming out but I didn’t care to see the […]

See I come from a different era. I don’t want anyone to be able to say they seen my wife naked not while she is my wife. Sounds reasonable don’t it? Does Kanye West have the same train of thought? I don’t think so. A few days ago a picture from the magazine Paper dropped […]

A classic album is a term that is thrown around way too much these days. To some people out there a classic album is one that includes the “hot” song of the day and a few other commercialized jams. With so much garbage being released it is hard not to call a “good” album classic, […]

And just like that Moguls the Holiday season is here. Time to be festive and jolly. And with all of the jolliness going around some of you may want to hit up a party or two that you’ve been invited to. But hold up! Before you get out there and make a complete fool out […]

I’m not a rapper so how can I possibly discuss anything about the rap world you ask? Here’s how.  I’ve been involved in every facet of this rap shit for the last 20 years.  I’ve produced, I’ve written, I’ve been an A&R, I’ve deejayed, I’ve promoted, I’ve marketed and blah, blah, blah.  Everything I’ve done […]

The Mogul Life is not about the Jay-Z’s, Oprah’s, or Diddy’s. It is not about expensive yachts, private jets, or personal islands. It is not about owning record labels, head phones, or clothing lines. That is not what Mogul Life is about. It is however about, living your life by your own set of rules. […]

The scene was thick… nothing but ladies, beer, bbq, music, smokes, and Iceberg punch. We decided to throw this party at the crib as usual, but this time we wanted it to be bigger than ever before. We wanted to leave our stamp on Grambling State University. IceBerg wasn’t as big as your regular fraternity, […]

This past week Mrs. Ocean and I took our talents down to Mexico for a delayed honeymoon. I finally put my passport to use and got myself a stamp out of the trip. So I was happy about those moves, however while on the trip I learned a few things that the travel agent didn’t […]

    I’m not an emotional type of dude. I think I have a developed a handle on separating my feelings from my emotions. Master Yoda would be proud. If I had to pin point when I decided to keep my emotions in check it had to be sometimes after the funeral of my Grandmother. […]

Over the weekend me and the wife checked out Get On Up at the theatres. With all of the spotty press it was getting I wasn’t expecting much. And although at times the movie seemed a little too after-school specialish it served it’s purpose to me, and that purpose being to (re)introduce James Brown to […]

All conscientious Moguls have wrestled with this dilemma before; when do you pull out your phone to text message someone? Some of us may have those jealous significant others who may cut their eyes at you if they catch you pulling out the phone while with them, we have all been there. After the jump […]

Damnit there is a God!!!! Yep and every year around this time He/She smiles upon us common folks in the United States and blesses us with FOOTBALL!!!! Damn it feels good. It reminds me of playing football in the streets with my friends during those cool fall days after school. When we would play from […]

Everyone runs a little late from time to time. But  a Mogul knows how to play it and still remain smooth throughout the ordeal. If you are running late, you should call and let the party know immediately. (Not a party-party because they may not care when you get there if at all, but the […]

If you live in a cave you probably haven’t been watching the never-ending saga of Your Old Droog.  Half of the industry believes he is actually Nas. Others believe he’s a white kid from Brooklyn that is  nice with the bars.  While the similarities are uncanny, I personally don’t think it’s Nas.  I’m not going to […]

Your wedding is the only time in your life that family, friends (new and old) and co-workers all pack a room to hang out with you. It is the one moment when you feel how it is like to be a Michael; pick one, Jackson, Jordan, Tyson, Corleone.  While you stand on your little stage […]

I love loud music like anyone else Moguls. Well I think I just lied a little. Let me clarify my statement. I love loud music in doses. But not that REAL loud music. Not the loud music that will have your ears ringing the next day. Not that loud music where you have to yell […]

  Well Moguls I am back on the grid. I am happily a newlywed enjoying all that married life has to offer but at some time I have to rejoin the real world. And soon enough that day has arrived. Even though I have purposely removed myself from reporting the Mogul Life my head stayed […]

This week I done fooled around and got my pocket square in a bunch. With the death of Michael Brown bringing tensions to St. Louis, I am hearing many people diverting the attention to “Black on Black” crime. As if we, or more importantly the people of Ferguson should not be upset because Blacks kill […]

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