Outside of kicks, clothes, music, cars, and cigars I enjoy a nice bottle of smell goods. Ain’t nothing better than picking a fragrance to match your style for the day. This year the #1 scent of choice is Aventus by the House of Creed. I’m not going to play like I am a fragrance expert. […]

One thing about the shoe culture is that there is always a way to come up. Either by reselling, cleaning, restoring, t-shirts, there is room for everyone. In this video a shoe restorer shows us how he restores a pair of OG Air Jordan IV’s from 1989. If you are a collector you know that […]

Rihanna will release Rogue Man this September for your smelling pleasure.

  “I don’t pop mollies I rock Tom Ford!!” Tom Ford has created a new smell good that has the scent of London. The fragrance called Private Blend, will be sold at the new London store for six months.  Private Blend has hints of black pepper, saffron, cardamom, coriander, cumin and coffee and it  will retail […]

  Procter & Gamble Co. and Eon Productions have teamed on a new James Bond fragrance to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. Fans of the series will appreciate the hints that the James Bond for Men fragrance will bring: ”fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver” with a backbone of lavender, moss and coumarin. […]

Forbes magazine released its Forbes 400 list of America’s richest citizens, but no Hip Hop moguls managed to make the cut. Analyzing the race to become Hip Hop’s first billionaire, the publication predicts that Sean “Diddy” Combs will be the first to cross the billi mark with his current estimated net worth of $500 million. The […]

The perfume hustle is going so good that Mary J Blige will drop another sniff for you She-Moguls. The Queen will  return to HSN on Aug. 13 to launch her second fragrance, My Life Blossom, a follow up to her wildly successful first fragrance, which sold over 60,000 units six hours after its release. “My […]

Looks like Lamar and Khloe wants to become a power couple! First reality shows and now smell goods.Unbreakable will be available at Perfumania Feb. 12.

This may quite possibly be one of the cleverest ads ever created.  The people over at La Senza decided to capitalize on the connection between musical notes…and bra sizes both being expressed in letters! Moguls and She-Moguls, introducing…The Cup  Size Choir. Don’t worry ladies…it’s actually pretty tasteful…and safe for work 😉 Damned if I’m not […]

Sean P Diddy Combs has certainly made his mark in Hip Hop and in the world of fashion with his popular clothing line Sean John. From jeans and t-shirts to velour suits, Combs has banked approximately $500 million in sales to date. In 2009, he proved to be business savvy by partnering with the Home Shopping Network. […]

Halle does her thing. This is quite sexxy!

Ladies if you want to smell like a queen, Christina Aguilera has your fragrance. Royal Desire is has notes of mandarin, blackberry, marshmallow, honeysuckle, rose, lily, spices, sandalwood, musk and cedar. Wow boo, marshallows? Xtina says, “If you enjoy luxurious things, seduction and finding yourself in the center of attention, this fragrance was created just for you…[Royal […]

London Fog decided to spice up their newest campaign with one of the media’s most celebrated “faces”.  Check out the new ads.  I left out a couple, but I think you get the idea.  More pics after the jump… 😉

Here is the ad campaign for Radiance, Britney’s 9th fragrance. 9!!!! That smell good money must be breaking her off something proper! 9 smell goods?? Wow! She is her very own Avon. Does anyone have any of the other 8? Do they smell good? Should I put this on the Christmas list for my lady-friend??

Fergie has a new scent coming out this fall; Outspoken. The fragrance will smell like starfruit, tuberose, jasmine, and passion flower with black leather and smoky vetiver. Moguls what does a starfruit smell like?

We don’t know exactly what a Konvict would smell like. But I am sure if you asked a few, they would tell you that they don’t wanna smell that way if they could do it over again. Nevertheless, Akon is dropping some smell goods for the masses. Grab you one Moguls!!!

This is the season for celebrity fragrances. Kim Kardashian drops the Voluptuous scent for the ladies. I guess we need to get in the basement and cook up an UML smell good!

Usher has a new smell good dropping this holiday season called V.I.P. Peep the commercial. If any of you caught a sniff of the fragrance let us know how it smells.

Say what ya want bout your boy 50 aka Curtis Jackson, but this cat is a damn genius. Period

50 has big plans to wrap this decade up. He has a new cd “Before I Self Destruct”, and a movie of the same title; he also has a Jam Master Jay Documentary dropping, a new book, and now a new fragrance. 50 and Chris Lighty’s company Lighthouse Fragrance will release Power Nov. 5. The […]

Pamela Anderson is dropping two fragrances this month, Malibu “Blue and “Pink”. How many ladies will snatch this up?

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