You are not a real BBoy without once having a Kangol in your collection. I, myself have a few Kangols that stay in rotation depending on the season. Well if you are ready for some Kangol nostalgia check out this lookbook for the Spring/Summer seasons.

Every man should be able to start his morning with a good shave. No need to have to wait for a week to go to a barber to line you up. And after November kisses you goodbye, many of you Moguls will have grab something to cut that carpet that is hiding your face from […]

This is the perfect gift for the Mogul in your life who likes to get their grill on. This pair of tongs will shield their precious little hands from the heat of the grill. These tongs will set you back $20.

Fashion does not mean breaking the bank. It means getting styles that look good on you, and The Tie Bar is one place for you fashion-minded Moguls looking to save a buck should stop. The Sherlock Plaid Belt $35

  I can’t lie, anything Star Wars gets my attention. So when these Star Wars 14k cufflinks came across my rss feed I was all eyes. These Darth Vader or Yoda 14k cufflinks will set you back $4,200 a pair, but what the hey…… it’s Star Wars!!!!

  Turnbull & Asser is celebrating The Beatles 50th Anniversary by releasing pocket squares that feature one of the group’s album covers. Each pocket square will cost you $150 or you can buy the entire set for $1995.  

  There isn’t anything better than a big ball of ice splashed with Kool-Aid. If this sounds like your cup of ice, snatch up this lil contraption. This is guaranteed to keep your party off the hook Moguls. $35

summer/spring wish list by docstarr featuring miu miu Valentino Christian Louboutin transparent Michael Kors leather satchel Karl Lagerfeld bracelet Miu NOTTINGHAM 38 BAG Gucci – Gucci –

Danny P. told you about 1000 Posts ago that Moguls don’t show up to a party empty handed. Now I’m here to tell you…that they don’t carry their Party Juice in a brown paper bag. Walking in with a bottle, no matter how expensive or well chosen, in a brown paper bag says “I’m here and […]

Gift giving is often more task than delight, so having a few good ideas thrown at you this time of year can’t hurt. has been flying high on the radar as of late. Their specialty is monthly deliveries of new beauty products for both women…and men. This wasn’t too exciting at first, after all,how […]

The start of a good night sometimes depends in the cards you are dealt…. Moguls admit it, sometimes you don’t know when to fold them, don’t know when to walk away, and damn sure don’t know when to run. Every man needs a card up his sleeve to help him smooth the whole situation out, […]


This line of ties and bow ties covers the full spectrum of sophistication. Any man with style can browse the selection and find something to suit his taste.  

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