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I came across this video about how we look at exercise. There is scientific evidence backing what many may consider common sense. Take a look. Emily Balcetis:

Never one to struggle with self-expression, SPEAK Easy steps to the plate to rhyme about issues plaguing Milwaukee and the country as a whole. Listen to ‘New World Disorder.’  

Shon is a Learning Specialist in the city of Milwaukee, who has earned her Master’s Degree in Program Planning and Instructional Design. She promotes life-long learning and is dedicated to improving the health and fitness of her community. A vegetarian for over 10 years, she swore off meat, because of her family. “I knew that […]

While on your fitness journey it is imperative that you find what works for you. Many times people are unsuccessful in their attempts to improve their fitness and health because they have become prisoners of the moment and begin doing the “hottest” diet or brand of exercise. The goal is not to start. The goal […]

Dear Black America Without getting into the specifics of injustice and lack of concern or value for the lives of black men, there are a few things that desperately need our attention. First, we must abandon our selective outrage and push for justice and equality on a consistent basis. In addition to what is making […]

I strongly suggest that you read this article and share with your friends. The power of hip hop is unlimited.

Personal trainers are in abundance, but they are not all created equal. This article from Muscle and Fitness will help you find the best one for your needs. #gymLife

I came across this article today. Very short and succinct. Don’t complicate your fitness journey.

As I stated when I joined my colleagues here at Urban Mogul Life, our Health & Wellness Bulletin will go beyond fitness and dieting. Today, we delve into mental health. Specifically, depression. The facts on who suffers and treats depression are startling. Please watch this Ted Talk and hear it from the perspective of well […]

Turkey Day used to be my greatest excuse to overeat. After the children and women made their plates, my excitement would heighten as I began to make my first plate. Plate number two soon followed and then dessert. Then I’d go back once more for good measure. Since dedicating myself to improving my fitness and […]

Here is where you can find great articles from various outlets as well as our very own take on health and wellness. In this section, we will cover all things under this spectrum, from meditation and mindfulness, fitness tips and demos to the latest discoveries and news in the world of physical and mental healthcare. […]

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