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I have made statements about the “Black Church” in the past and some of my views are not popular. One thing that rings true is that the influence and ability to impact that it has can not be refuted. I came across an article that touched upon the role that the church can play in […]

Listen in as SPEAK delivers a heartfelt message.  

Tune in as SPEAK and his special guests recap Honda’s Battle of the Bands.

Was Getting in Better Shape Your Resolution For This Year? Are You Still Working Towards It? As I’m doing my cool down from my first workout of the day I’d like to take a moment and thank all of my fitness family. Special shout out to my #gymLife clients. Let’s keep grinding. If getting in […]

Listen in as SPEAK offers a few words that may help propel you to your goals.

Listen in as SPEAK talks about how Dr. King inspired him to find his life’s purpose.  

Tune in as SPEAK Easy gives you his point of view while traveling through Atlanta, Space and Time! Click below and enjoy!

As a resident hip hop aficionado, I often, tout the boom bap genre my preferred music of choice. However, that is not all that I listen to. In fact, I listen to just about every genre of music, but country. As my UML brethren can attest, I’m stubborn when it comes to calling any artist […]

Many of the top chronic diseases/conditions (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity) in America could be prevented by having a consistent fitness routine and eating healthy. Unless you have been an athlete all of your life, just love working out, are a personal trainer or fitness model a consistent routine can almost sound mythical when […]

  Tee & Von are back and they take on everything you’ve been talking about the past week. The Wiz, Chiraq, Ayesha Curry, Hillary Clinton and new baby Kimye. Listen in!

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. In hip hop, unless you’re paying homage, imitation is/was called biting. I’m sure I’m dating myself, but at 30+, I’ve witnessed the global explosion of hip hop. I say that because, you couldn’t survive in the game off of mimicking someone else. Remember Shyne, Gorilla Black, […]

Prior to the Internet going bananas over the Drake & Future collaborative album,  TDE’s own Jay Rock dropped an album. Guess what? It’s nice. Without giving too much away, I can say that I came in with very low expectations. Let’s dive into these tracks. -SPEAK 1. Necessary – I was about to skip through […]

The REAL King of the South? First off, this is a SCARFACE album. Storytelling at it’s finest! Dope beats, & that dichotomy of being educated, & a street N*gga, that Scarface does better than probably any other rapper. •Intro Pretty simplistic, yet dope. Sparse keys, eerie gospel humming. & The words “Deeply….. Rooted….” being echoed. […]

The Meth Lab Album Review Method Man has always been an enigma. He has had flashes of brilliance throughout his lengthy career. Once, recognized as the Wu-Tang member with the most cross-over appeal, he has somewhat fallen in the ranks of his brethren as his solo efforts have been fairly disappointing and haven’t lived up […]

Just when you thought it was safe,  I wanted to drop a little something as we get ready to drop Eivets Rednow 2. It’s an album inspired by the legendary Stevie Wonder. Google Eivets Wonder for now and check this out. Click here and stay tuned. SPEAK

Jill Scott is arguably one of the few  solo artists (along with Erykah Badu) that successfully avoided the Neo Soul era ending as she continues to soar with her most recent album ‘Woman’ reaching number 1 on Billboard’s top albums. I intentionally waited a bit before getting the album as to not do what is […]

Our newest mogul made a PSA while enjoying the sun in Miami. Check it out.

Moguls: I’ll try to make this short and simple. I’m a dreamer. Sometimes life dares you to dream BIGGER. Well, I’ve been called to do just that and will be relocating to Georgia. My introverted side has been more present as of late so there will not be a specific “so long” event or show. […]

You’re never too young to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit. In this article published by Black Enterprise it highlights five young children and their business ventures. There is no age limit to bring your dreams to reality. Be great Moguls. Black Enterprise (Image from

We live in a society in which reality TV and drama are prevalent. In addition to that, sports reign supreme and almost every household in America. During my tenure in “Corporate America,” I often found myself working on the outskirts of the city of Milwaukee in suburban areas. It was also very often that I […]

There was a time in my life where I became content with being the guy that got older and packed the pounds on. I even convinced myself that being bigger than I ever have been meant that it was just “eating well and living well.” After rupturing the same achilles tendon twice I believed that […]

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