Author: Shon

Hello Moguls! Throughout the series I have highlighted particular foods by calling your attention to their color, that’s because every color of the food rainbow offers a unique mix of nutrients that will improve your health. The colors provide evidence that antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are present. Color also alerts us to fluids and fiber, two […]

Happy Spring, Moguls!! When I write these blog posts, I try to include a mix of more common and not so common foods. The objective being, to encourage you who are already making healthy choices to continue to do so; at the same time, I know how much healthier it is to add a wide […]

UML Greetings UML Family! ​As we sprint toward spring we can’t escape the ills of the winter season, particularly the cold and the flu. Up until last year I had never had the flu. Let me tell you, my world was rocked. It was NOTHING like a cold, at least not at first, not for […]

Hi UML Family! The month of January is a time of new beginnings for some and a time for others to recommit to long forgotten resolutions from years past. For many of us committed to healthy lifestyles, we follow a simple formula of 80/20 as it relates to diet and exercise. This means that we […]

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