The Return of Little Brother

Written by on August 20, 2019

I can’t lie.  I was beyond ecstatic to find out yesterday that we were getting a new Little Brother album…. at midnight. That shit made my week on day 1 of the week. Like outside of something catastrophic my high cannot get blown. •

A few years ago we were blessed to get a new Quest album. Now @phontigallo and @rapperbigpooh came through with that flame. After playing the album a few times since I got it last night I must say that Little Brother more than satisfied me with this new project. Similar to ATCQ they picked up right where they left off. May The Lord Watch doesn’t play like an album that is “trying” to relive the glory days of LB. In fact, it sounded more like an album they would have made if they continued to make albums over the years. Good shit. 

I won’t go into a full out review just yet, because I come from the mindset that you have to let the gumbo cook a while before you tell the world what it tastes like. So later this week I will drop how many bow ties the album gets, but just let it be known…. #MTLW is a great project. Welcome home Little Brother.

Now we just need that new OutKast album. Won’t the Lord come through?!?!?

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