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Written by on November 24, 2018


“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”

— Anne Bradstreet

BLK WNTR was a necessary evil to get us to WHT SMMR. One thing any person ending a tough relationship soon finds out is with every tear shed, comes good times. This is the perfect way to sum up WNT SMMR. Where BLK WNTR is about an affair concluding WHT SMMR is about the rebound.

“Rebounding Season begins!!!”

Maal Himself and Genesis Renji return with another strong project. WHT SMMR rejoins our heroes after the WNTR of despair with hope and new beginnings. Have you ever had your kneecap kissed by a midget? This season we get 7 new songs that tell us “Between Seasons” “S” “M” “M2” “R” “Comes” “Again”. Get it?

The standout tracks include “Between Seasons“ and “M2 (Black)” which narrates a tale of a police encounter that many of us have faced because of the color of our melanin.

Even though another WNTR is bopping down the street ready to greet us with cold nights filled with despair, Maal and Gen are out here this SMMR. If you enjoyed BLK WNTR, WHT SMMR is the perfect companion piece.


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